Every Day Amazing You

I recently shared a video on my Youtube channel all about my goals for 2018 and as I’ve been a little quiet over here recently I thought I’d write it up as a blog post too. I can’t believe how quiet I have been on here actually, especially after loving my ‘daily blogging for a month’ challenge but I guess a lot went on near the end of 2017 and something had to take a backseat.

Well what better way to get back into writing than with a bit of positivity and motivation. See it’s not strictly a 2018 goals post; yes I have things that I want to achieve this year but what I really want to do is hopefully motivate you guys not to do the whole ‘New Year New Me’ shabang but instead focus on an ‘Every Day Amazing You’!!

We always seem to wait for something to start or finish before we begin working on our goals:

‘I’ll wait for this contract to finish to look for another’ 

‘I’ll wait till I’m 30 to change careers’

‘When the kids are older we’ll go on holiday’ 

In reality all we’re doing when we say things like this is putting off what we want to achieve. We’re saying we want something; something that we know could be amazingly life changing and yet for some reason (which I’ll give a few guesses to now) we delay it and set the finish line even further away. Now I know why I do this; it’s usually because I’m either scared to do it, worried I’ll fail, or can’t be bothered to commit. Yes there are often unavoidable delays like finances and time but let’s face it, if we want something badly enough we can find the money and we can make the time!

When it drew nearer to the end of 2017 and I was thinking about the year I’d had and the year I wanted ahead of me I started to jot down a few goals… to be healthier, to gain weight, to grow my brand but one thing that stumped me was why I planned to wait until January 1st to get cracking. Sure there were only a handful of days left in 2017 anyway but rather than seeing those last few days as a break or an excuse I wanted to see them as step one, as a head start. Just to clarify as well that is by no means a head start against anyone else, the only person I want to get ahead of is myself yesterday and a huge goal of mine for today and every day is to build up those around me whilst surrounding myself with people that will do the same for me!

So, I’ve changed my whole perception on New Year goals. Never again do I want to think that the current me isn’t good enough to start becoming the best version of myself that I want to be. In fact all it takes to become the best versions of ourselves is to make those first steps to becoming them because once you’ve taken that step you’ve committed, you’ve started the journey and if you have the motivation to see it through – you’re as good as there!

Take my goals for example, I wanted to grow my brand, so then and there I content planned, I filmed a video and I did some insta-networking. I wanted to gain weight so I ate a bagel, grabbed a protein shake and headed to the gym to lift some weights!

The same goes for any goal you want to achieve no matter how big or small – it could come down to researching the criteria for your dream to immigrate to the States or simply ordering a healthy cookbook for your new health kick. You don’t have to build a brand in a day or declutter your whole house in one go but by making small achievable steps each day you’re setting yourself on the right path and are making IT happen; and hey even if you’re having a bad day and can’t physically work on your goals, having the positive mindset, the vision in your sights and and the cogs in motion is more than enough!

What are your life goals? Is there something you can do right now or today at least to get started on that Every Day Amazing You rather than the ‘next week, next month, new year you that you’re putting off? I’d love for you to comment below so we can all help to motivate each other!

Thanks for reading!
Jess x


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