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If you follow my social media and or blog/ youtube then you’ll know I’m a big fan of spas. In fact I’ve even had a couple of negative ninnies comment on my videos asking if all I ever do is go to spas – I blooming wish! Whether you’re a parent or not; in a stressful job or not; everyone needs time to relax in whatever way works for them; some people like to knit or play golf, others go for a run; well me, I like to spa! I need that time to switch off; lay by a pool, clear my pores and airways and have some of the tension rubbed out of my back. It’s wonderful to do this with someone, to get a girly catch up, some husband bonding or mummy daughter time but I also love going on my own to really zone out. Usually there’s an occasion, a hen do, birthday voucher to spend or much a needed date night but sometimes it’s just needed after a long week of terrible twos, teething and crappy nappies!

I rarely go out; in fact I could count on one hand the times I’ve put on a pair of heels and danced the night away this year … okay one finger; okay I haven’t done it at all. I don’t drink alcohol, smoke, get my hair done or go out for lunches so spas really are the only time I spend money on myself (bar my monthly shellac nails and occasional ASOS order); and if it makes me a more relaxed muma then I think that’s wonderful. However; finding the time to spa is another story. Pete is great and often says he’ll watch the boys at the weekend so I can go for a spa day but with him working in the week I want to spend as much of our weekends together as possible; plus with Jenson still feeding on demand it’s not easy to get away for more than a couple of hours.

That’s why, between spa trips I like to create a home spa as much as possible and I like to do it in style with my all time favourite brand – ESPA. There’s nothing more relaxing that using actual spa products at home especially if they’re the ones that you’ve used in spas before. I often go to spas that use ESPA products so using them at home takes me back to those dark and peaceful rooms with tranquil music playing and someone massaging the stress of the week out of my back.

At the moment though taking an hour out at home to create my own mini spa is difficult. Once Jasper and Jenson are asleep I sit at my computer working until gone midnight. I then crawl into bed and restlessly try to switch off and sleep until Jenson wakes for his first feed of the night. I then feed throughout the night and wake to a full on day of motherhood, followed by a night of working and repeat. That’s why I try to incorporate spa products into my day as much as possible and it honestly helps me to feel more zen.

Whether I’m sat at my desk; doing the bedtime routine or having some downtime reading books with Jasper after a busy day I love to light my ESPA candle. I have a few at the moment but the Soothing candle is just heavenly. It smells of Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Patchouli which in ESPA’s words are ‘four of natures most heavenly essential oils infused together to melt away stress and strain, brighten your outlook and help promote deep, restful sleep’ – who wouldn’t want that!?

I don’t light it all of the time because I don’t want us to become so used to it that it doesn’t relax us anymore so I try to stick to times that we just need to chill and unwind and oh my goodness does it do the trick!

Since having Jasper I’ve always tried to be good with moisturising my skin. It’s a combination of trying to defy time, avoid stretch marks and simply being in the habit of applying moisturiser to him all of the time and the habit washing off on me. I’m even more hot on it now that Jenson is here as let’s just say my stomach isn’t what it used to be! My current favourite to use at the moment is the Smooth and Firm body butter; it’s made from Superactive larch extract which firms and smoothes; pumpkin seed extract that enhances elasticity and helps to get rid of stretch marks; and rosehip and argan oil which are full of Omega 3, 6 and 9 and antioxidant vitamin E to help soften, smooth and rejuvenate. It smells of rose and patchouli, mandarin which refreshes you in the morning but calms you at night – magic!

It’s a really rich and creamy butter that is perfect for anyone but especially post baby bods that need a bit of tightening up!

Another fab favourite which I love to use after the bath (rare occasion but it sometimes happens) is the Nourishing Body Oil. Of course it can be used daily but being an oil I prefer to use it before bed and especially when I’m feeling really relaxed so on the odd occasion that I have time to paint my toenails, pluck my eyebrows and wash my hair!

ESPA do loads of different body oils for different needs including Energizing, Restorative, Soothing, Detoxifying and Fitness but the Nourishing is my favourite because it works to eliminate stretch marks. It’s made from some of my favourite ingredients; deeply nourishing jojoba oil and sweet almond oil, calendula to gently soothe and grape seed oil which is an antioxidant and rich in vitamin E that helps to regenerate your skin.

Finally for an on the go spa treatment I always have my Nourishing Lip Treatment in my bag. It’s a glossy consistency and is made from smoothing Indian Gentian leaves and moisture-rich omega oils. You can use it as and when required daily and it gets to work restoring, protecting and hydrating – oh and it smells delicious! This one is clear but it also comes in red and pink if you like a bit of colour! dsc01874

What do you do to relax? Do you ever go to spas or create spas at home? 

Thanks for reading!
Jess x

*We were very kindly gifted these products from ESPA to help us unwind. All views are my own.

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