How to dress a newborn – Guest post by Kimberly Walsh

It’s not often that I open up my little space on the internet to other writers. I like everything that’s on these pages to be from my heart however once in a while I get to know an inspirational person and know that you guys will love them too – Introducing Kim from Strawberry Children.

Kim Walsh is a wife, mother and business woman. She’s the owner of an independent kids designer clothing boutique in Liverpool called Strawberry Children. For over 10 years, Strawberry have been delivering the latest fashions and built up an amazing clientele of famous faces.

Kim is here to share her words of wisdom on the safest ways to dress a newborn, I know that the first time around with Jasper and even now with Jasper I worry that I’m under/over dressing them so these tips really are essential! Please do head over and check out Strawberry Children if you’re looking for clothes for your bambino … seriously lust worthy!


If you’ve just had a baby, congratulations! If this is your first, then you’re sure to receive a lot of advice and information over the coming months; there’s a lot to take in but don’t panic and don’t let it overwhelm you. Newborns are more robust than they look. All they really need right now is a dry bum, a full tummy, and quality clothing that keeps them comfortable while they get all those lovely cuddles from you and the rest of the family. However, deciding how to dress your newborn can be tricky, especially if the weather is changeable so here’s a few simple tips for keeping your baby comfortable in any weather:


Newborns, particularly preemies or those with a low birthweight find it difficult to regulate their body temperature and maintain warmth so keeping them warm or cool as appropriate is important. Layering makes this easy. In cooler months, keep your newborn wrapped up in long-sleeved, full-legged baby grows or if you have a girl, warm tights and long-sleeved tops or dresses. If it’s particularly cold, you can add jumpers or trousers over these base layers for additional warmth. In Spring and Summer, lightweight cotton baby grows, vests and dresses are ideal but pack a cardigan or lightweight blanket for spells in the shade or the end of the day when the weather cools. In any season, look for quality, soft-touch, stretch fabrics that won’t aggravate your baby’s skin or restrict their movements.


The way your baby’s clothes fasten is more important for you than for them, it’s you who will need quick and easy access to those nappies! Look for:

Poppers: On baby grows, these should run between the legs and down to the feet so you can uncover just the lower half of the body.

Zips: These should extend between the legs and have a covering flap where they end to prevent the fastening aggravating the neck or chin.

Buttons: Any buttons should be flat and preferably on the front of clothing so that they don’t press into baby’s back and you can reach them easily.


In the coldest weather, drape a soft blanket over car seats and slings or add a footmuff or liner and rain cover to your pram to keep your baby snug and dry. In warm weather or on bright sunny days, you can shield your baby’s eyes from the glare of the sun and protect their delicate skin from UV rays with a detachable parasol. Like us, babies lose heat through their heads so keep them snug in cold weather or protect them from the sun on hot days with a hat whenever you’re outdoors.


Tiny little newborn hats, scratch mitts and socks are so easily lost when out and about that it makes you wonder why the streets aren’t littered with them! Carry some spare items with you as well as a complete change of clothes and never leave home without cotton wool, water or wet wipes. Newborns may be tiny but they can be very messy!

Safety Checks

Keep an eye on your little one for signs that they may be getting too hot. Although it’s rare, overheating has been associated with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) so watch out for the following:

Touch: If your baby’s tummy or back feel too warm or clammy, take off some clothing or blankets to cool them down.

Look: Check to see whether your newborn looks flushed or whether their neck or hair is damp with sweat.

Listen: Your baby will soon let you know if they’re too hot by getting restless and agitated and they may begin to breathe rapidly.


Whether you need soft, comfortable, quality newborn outfits for your baby or as a gift for the newest addition to your family, you can find a beautiful range of boys and baby girls designer clothing online at Strawberry Children.

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