photo 12014 is an exciting year for me for so many reasons. Aside from the obvious ‘I’m having a baby’, one of my nearest and dearest friends Paige is getting married!

As a fellow lover of all things crafty, unique, and most importantly purse friendly, Paige decided to make her invitations and asked me to help *yay*.

The wedding is in July and as she gave birth to her beautiful little girl Nevaeh in November we have been a tad delayed at making the wedding invitations! We did start back in November with full determination, but as women, cups of tea, and, well, just those things were involved, we only managed to complete less than half of the amount of invites that we set out to make! So today Paige and I set a whole day aside with an aim to get them all done, and despite copious amounts of gossip, a few cuppas and an irresistible urge to sit and stare at baby Nevaeh; we did them all!

Wedding invites are soo expensive to have made professionally, in fact they are darn right overpriced! If you have a little bit of creativity and know where to find a good bargain then wedding invites can be stunningly unique while remaining oh so inexpensive too!

It took a little bit of effort, a few early Sunday mornings of trowing through the car boot sale stalls in the rain, but Paige and her muma managed to pick up boxes FULL of cards, ribbons, lace, beads and just about anything you would need to create invites for 30 weddings!

We did start off striving for perfection and then we realised that crafts aren’t perfect. Glue splurges, wonky lines and misshapen bows add character and make them unique. We went with about 5 different designs but mixed up the colours slightly, while sticking to the general theme.

Here are some of our creations!

wedding invitations

photo 5photo 1photo 4photo 2

We will be doing lots more DIY for her wedding for the table plans and table decorations so keep checking in for those! I’ve also got a hen do to plan – eek!


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