For Jasper’s 3rd birthday he decided that he wanted to have a dinosaur party – a dinosaur dance party in fact. He’s a huge fan of dinosaurs at the moment and I’d seen so many cool ideas on Pinterest so I felt pretty confident that I could make him a ‘roarsome’ party to remember – oh gosh I’m such a mum aren’t I!?

The last couple of years have been so hit or miss weather wise; his first birthday was glorious sunshine but his second was a mixture of sunshine, clouds and showers so I decided to play it safe and hire a local hall. The hall was huge and had an outdoor area so everyone could get some fresh air and sunshine if need be.

I did have a little think about the dance aspect of it and at one point considered hiring a dj as I know how much Jasper loves to dance but then I just had visions of 30 two/ three olds sat on their parents knees refusing to set foot on the empty dance floor. Jasper is a confident dancer when watching MTV in our living room but I’m not sure he’s quite old enough for that kind of party yet so I’ve set that idea aside for next year!

We ended up hiring this awesome soft play package from a local bouncy castle company. The dinosaur one was already out for hire so we went with a jungle theme one (close enough right?) and it came with a bounce activity centre that had a slide, air blasters, ball pit (they forgot to leave the balls though), soft play area and scuttlebug bikes.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 22.46.17

Aside from a speaker playing a bit of music in the background and a bubble fountain in the garden, that was all we did entertainment wise and it was perfect! The kids didn’t get bored and I wasn’t rushed off my feet organising activities. I do have lots of fab dino activity ideas that I’ll pop in a new post if you’d like to see that?

… okay onto the dino DIY’s!


Leading up to the hall I stuck dinosaur footprints onto the pavement to lead our dino guests to the party. I bought a 10 pack of green card from Hobbycarft, found a template online, roughly copied it on one piece of card and cut the rest out in one go. I then stuck them down with bluetac and they survived all of the teeny feet stepping on them. You could also use chalk pencils if you’re worried about them blowing away but if you’re hiring a venue you’ll likely have to wash them away after.

Incase the kids weren’t sure where to go once inside, I had a chalkboard sign leading the way. I actually borrowed this from my friend Danni from She’s a Working Mum but it was basically a large canvas painted with chalkboard paint and I used a wipe away chalk pen to write on it. Alternatively you could buy a chalkboard, blackboard or even a white board to do this. DSC06582

To get into the hall the kiddies had to go through a wall of vines; this was completely rushed and had I put more effort into it I could have made it so much better but it still had a great effect! I bought one roll of green crepe paper streamer, measured out the height of the door and cut the roll into as many strips as I could. I then cut a piece of string to the width of the doorway and stapled the strips to the string so that they hung down. I could have definitely done with more than one roll of paper but hey it got ripped down pretty quickly anyway haha

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 22.46.02

Inside the room I had one main focus – the cake table. I didn’t do a buffet so I simply had one table with the cake, goody bags and some cool dino decor on.


Grass table top – I borrowed 4 rolls of artificial grass from my friend Danni to make the table look like a jurassic scene.

Volcano – I bought a mache volcano from Hobbycraft for £15 and gave it one coat of brown spray paint which took no more than two minutes. It looks like it’s been shaded and coated but it hasn’t at all! I then ripped strips of red and orange tissue paper and rested them in the volcano centre, they didn’t need sticking down or anything.

‘3’ – Also from Hobbycraft I bought a mache ‘3’ but rather than painting it I thought it looked quite in line with the theme to keep it natural; so I just stuck on some artificial ivy and fern leaves and added a piece of raffia.

I also added a large toy dinosaur to the table, I did have intentions to make a mini party hat for the dinosaur and to attach a helium balloon on a string to the dinosaur but we ran out of time!

And finally I decorated the table with artificial plants from my Mums house, mini toy dinosaurs, a ‘Roarsome’ banner from Sainsburies and two giant green helium balloons with artificial ivy garlands.

The cake – I am in no way a baker so I put a shoutout on instagram for local cake makers and a lovely lady with the account @ourlifewithjackson got in touch right away. She created this gorgeous ombre frosted cake with matching ombre sponge layers and a surprise centre of green smarties! It also had grass detail around the base and was on a green cake base. The cake fed all of the children plus some of the adults with loads left to spare and it was absolutely scrumptious!

I placed it on our mother of pearl cake stand that was a wedding gift from my sister in law and I also cut out a couple of palm leaves from the green card to give it an extra bit of jurassic fun.

I bought a ‘3’ candle and ‘3’ sparkler to go on top and I also bought a dinosaur scene tub from Sainsburies and added a couple of the big dinosaurs as cake toppers and then added the mini dinosaurs, trees and boulders to the table for decor.



I saw this idea on my Insta friend’s blog Life with Oaks and Olive and just loved it! She did a dinosaur theme party for her little boy Oakley and for the goody bags she put dinosaur poop (chocolate raisins) and home made chocolate dinosaurs into sweety cones. I changed the idea slightly and went with dinosaur poop and dinosaur eggs for ours! I bought large packets of chocolate raisins, my friend gave me huge bags of mini eggs leftover from her little girls Easter themed party, and I got a 50 pack of sweety cones and ties from Amazon for like £2. I then added a mini dinosaur toy in each one which were four for £1 from Poundland and I think they looked fab! I popped all of the cones into a wicker basket and made a little sign using black card, chalk pen, lollipop sticks and green cut out palm leaves.


The kids tables 

I kept the kids tables pretty simple as most of the children were aged 2-3 and I knew centrepieces would probably get destroyed! So I simple sprinkled them with dinosaur shaped confetti that I found on Amazon and artificial fern leaves again from Amazon. Behind Jasper’s seat I had a ‘3’ shaped helium balloon with an ivy garland which I think looked super cute!


The food

For the food I kept it simple by making lunch boxes for each child. I knew from experience that buffets leave so much waste and are just a bit of a faff so I bought green party boxes from good old Amazon and then filled each one with crisps, raisins, dino chocolate biscuits and a chocolate bar. I then had trays of sandwiches which I passed around and had jugs of water and squash for the parents to pour for their little ones. I could have made it even easier by putting juice cups in each party box but this worked fine.

Each party box also included a dinosaur mask for the kiddies to wear and take home if they wanted. Surprisingly none of the kiddos really wore them so I’d probably leave those out next time or pop them into goody bags instead.


The outfit

Outfit wise I popped Jasper in a cute little dinosaur T-shirt from Next; I was gong to get him a dinosaur costume or bring his dinosaur tail and hat but I knew he’d get hot running around and bouing on the bouncy castle so I kept it simple. You can get really cool personalised tops made on Etsy and eBay though that turn your childs name into a dinosaur name e.g. Jaspersaurus Rex!


Well that’s Jasper’s dino party for his 3rd birthday. Some of the pictures are terrible quality and screenshots from the vlog I took but I was so busy having fun with him that I just didn’t have time to stop and snap away. If you have any dino DIY’s then please do pop them below for everyone else to check out and please do feel free to add links to your blog/vlog posts 🙂

Thanks for reading,

Jess x



  • shesaworkingmum
    28th April 2017 at 5:57 am Reply

    Great top tips jess. I love the spray paint volcano that looked amazing and you make it sound really easy! The cake too with the brilliant surprise in the middle. What a great 3rd birthday party for Jasper! X

    • Jessica
      3rd May 2017 at 7:06 pm Reply

      Thanks so much lovely! It was so cheap nd easy to make and now Jasper plays with it all of the time! It was so lovely to have you there <3

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