DIY baby shower cupcakes

As my good friend Marti is due to pop in less than 2 weeks (much to her dismay as her little boy was 3 weeks early) I decided to kick start my crafty 2014 and make her some baby shower cupcakes. Me and my friend Paige made it our little project of the day and they were such a great way to get creative. Here’s how we did it.

photo 4-1We went for 6 cupcakes as that was the only size of cupcake boxes that we could find in Asda but you could do as many as you like. Here’s what you’ll need for 6:

  • 1x cupcake box
  • 6 cupcake cases (Optional but great to add to the cupcake look)
  • 3 pairs of baby leggings
  • 3 baby grows
  • 3 pairs of baby socks
  • Ribbon, beads and other sparkly bits (again, optional but add to the effect)

Here is a rough how to:

Step 1 – If you have leggings then simply fold them in half lengthways. For baby grows fold in the sleeves (if they have them), then fold each side in to make a long 1-1photo 2photo 3-1Step 2 – Place a single sock at the bottom of the baby grow so that the toe part is just overlapping the baby grow to the right and the opening of the sock is overlapping to the left quite a lot. You’ll need this later to hold the cupcake tighter together. Roll the baby grow upwards keeping the sock in position. photo 5photo 1-2

Step 3 – Once you’ve rolled the baby grow to the top, use the opening of the sock to hold the baby grow in position. Do this by turning it inside out. If the socks aren’t long enough then you could tie some ribbon around it or use a tiny piece of tape to hold it together. Pop the cupcake in a cupcake case (these are probably too short so next time I’ll use bigger ones!).photo 2-1photo 3-2Step 4 – Place the cupcakes into the box and if you want to make them a little bit more extra special, you can add some bows, beads and sparkly bits 🙂photo 4-2photo 5-1There you have it, DIY baby shower cupcakes. Unique, personal and lovely <3

They were really simple and fun to make and what’s great is you can do them to any budget depending on where you buy the baby clothes from. Marti loved them, so much that she didn’t want to ruin the by taking them apart. Her little boy Marley however, took no time in tipping the cupcakes out of the box with a winning cheer haha






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