If there’s one thing i’ve noticed since living in our cosy cottage, it’s that there is no quiet way to open and shut our doors, especially the one that will soon be little Rabbits nursery! The door cushion’s so simple yet so AMAZING that I’ll definitely be buying one…or seven, before the bambino arrives!

I’ve seen a few variations on sites like Etsy and Pinterest but none seem to be as well made and finished as this one by Cushy Closer.


The Cushy Closer’s are handmade in America, using high quality materials that won’t go out of shape. They only cost $11 which in comparison to a crying baby I think is incredible!  All you need to do is hook it to both door handles like this …


It will allow quiet entry and exit to a room without making a single noise! Well, unless you have creaky floorboards … then I’m afraid I can’t help you!

It’s snug fit muffles any door slamming and rattling noises while still allowing the door to open and close properly! It’s perfect for checking on your little one at night and also prevents kiddies from locking themselves in rooms!

When your’e not using it, don’t worry about trying to store it somewhere, you can simply let it hang on one side of the for till your’e ready to use it again!


What’s cool is these aren’t just for babies. They’re perfect for making sure that pets can’t get locked in rooms too, and for anyone who is a light sleeper or just doesn’t like the noise of slamming doors! If your’e a student or you work from home, the Cushy Closer with provide peace and quiet in your home, and they’d be really handy for spa therapists who want their clients to have a peaceful and relaxing time!

There are so many cute designs and patterns on their site to choose from and what’s fab is that if you can’t find one to suit your home, they can custom make you one to fit in with your decor! I love these for a boys nursery!



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