Crisp and crunchy – Autumn is here

We are so fortunate to live in an (almost) four-seasonal country. I know we rarely get that white Christmas but we can almost certainly guarantee a blooming Spring, sunny-ish Summer and crunchy-leaved Autumn. 

Autumn never let’s me down. It’s the time to get my Ugg boots and cable knit cardies out. It’s time to wrap up in a dressing gown and fluffy socks. It’s the start of darker evenings and chilly mornings.

Autumn is sunny and crisp. The shades of golds and browns on the trees and the crunching of leaves beneath your feet are just a tiny bit magical to me. What I love even more than a candlelit movie night in Autumn is going for walks. I anticipate that first sight of dew on the grass, those beautiful beaded spider webs, ooh and the first time that you can see your breath in the air!IMG_3137

Today was a very rainy day.  I think if Jaspy sat and watched the rain any longer he would have gone a little loopy so we decided to take a chance when there was a break in the showers and go out for a stroll.PicMonkey Collage

We left the barns and headed out to say hello to the horses. They were looking a little soggy after the rain bless them!


PicMonkey Collage

Living where we do, we are surrounded by fields. Seriously, there’s nothing else. Our shortest walk consists of shetland ponies, deer, tractor’s and acres of fields and forests. It’s safe to say my camera has been put to good use! Until today I’d only really known one route to walk but today we took a wrong turning and found some beautiful red crunchy (slightly soggy) leaves to stamp on!


He got a wet bum but I couldn’t resist letting Jaspy sit down and have a root around in the leaves! I also got his boots wet but they dried absolutely fine!

IMG_3156 IMG_3154
Jaspy’s not one to open his hands, they’re always clenched like he’s ready for a brawl so I quite often find bits of fluff stuck in them. Today, about 3 hours after we got home, I found soggy leaves – yum!!IMG_3142


I love taking Jasper out at this time of year. It’s not cold enough for your nose to go numb but it’s brisk enough to wake you up. It’s beautiful and I’ve been so excited to be able to share it with Jaspy. Not that I haven’t loved dressing him up in his sun hats and vests; but I’ve been so looking forward to popping a wooly hat on his head, some fluffy boots and a warm cardi and going exploring!

As it was wet I popped Jasper in his new Benneton Barbour style jacket I bought him from House of Fraser. I teamed it with his gorgeous My 1st Years Boots which I probably shouldn’t have gotten wet but they just look so adorable! The jacket is perfect for keeping him warm when you don’t need a hood or big puffer jacket.

I can’t wait to get Jaspy out for another walk tomorrow, hopefully it’ll be a bit dryer!

*In association with House of Fraser

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