‘Mamas a bouncy castle’ – Sudocrems ‘Talk to the bump’ campaign

One of the things I’ve really loved about being pregnant and having a bump this time around is that I get to share it with my first born Jasper and step son Rhys. When I was pregnant with Jasper, Rhys was so young; he turned 1 a couple of weeks before Jaspers birth so he was never fussed about my bump. He wouldn’t have understood the concept of me having a baby in my tummy even if he wanted to and I think he just saw it as a bit more of me to cuddle.

This time though, Rhys is 3 and Jasper is 2 so the idea of there being a baby in my tummy is a lot more appealing to the tiny tots. They’re old enough to get what’s going on to an extent which makes it so wonderful to get them involved; rubbing my belly and talking to their little brother.

I’m not sure the boys completely understand the concept of me having a tiny human in my tummy. They both love babies and when they see a baby while we’re out they point to my tummy and say ‘bebe in Mummies tummy’ so I know they don’t just think I’m a crazy lady who’s suddenly decide that her tummy should be called ‘bebe’; however I don’t think they really know that this baby will soon be their little brother; in their lives forever.

They often say funny little things like:

Jasper: ‘Jasper has baby in his tummy too’

Jasper: ‘No kick me bebe, naughty’ (when I ask if he wants to feel his brother kicking)

Jasper: ‘Mummy Santa, ho ho ho’ (when looking at my round tummy)

Jasper: ‘Mummy bouncy castle’ (you can guess how that one ends)

Rhys: Mummy has bebe in tummy, Rhys has bebe in tummy, Daddy has bebe in tummy too’

Rhys:  ‘No it’s sister Mummy, not brother’ (when I tell him he’s having a baby brother)

Rhys: ‘Time to come out now bebe’


It’ll be so interesting to see how they react when their brother is here; if they still think there is a bebe in my tummy or if they realise that ‘bebe’ is now their little brother in human form.


I thought I’d share some more funny quotes that Sudocrem compiled from their Talk to the Bump campaign survey (my favourite is number 7 haha)

1. Do you have your own fridge and TV in there?

2. Doctor can put his hand down mummy’s mouth and pull you out.

3. When you’re borned you can go and live with Nana ok?

4. Don’t kick Mummy tonight, she has to get her beauty sleep.

5. I can hear you farting!

6. I can’t believe it, Mam’s only gone and ate you!

7. Even though you’re a boy, I won’t pinch you when you’re here.

8. Go away back to your home!


How did you child react to their first baby brother or sister? Did they say anything funny to your bump?


Thanks for reading!
Jess x


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