Changes and Updates

Hello guys, I hope you’re enjoying this wonderful build up to the festive season as much as I am. I thought I’d share with you some exciting updates I have and just let you in on the upcoming changes and goings on that may affect my blog.

We are moving house today – yes that’s right, we’re moving house again and so close to Christmas but it will all be worth it … I hope! We love the house that we’re in at the moment and the whole aim of living here was to downsize and save for a mortgage. That was all with good intentions but downsizing meant … well, downsizing and that we struggled with. We know how lucky we are to have a normal sized house but with Pete working from home when he’s not away, me also trying to work from home and a crazy toddler roaming around it just got a little crowded. Pete couldn’t take business calls if Jasper was having a nap, we couldn’t both have friends round at the same time with the intention to stay separate and we just seem to have stuff everywhere despite there being plenty of storage.

So Pete had a secret hunt and found a beautiful 4 bed in the village of Botley. It’s slightly closer to his family, gives us a spare room, a larger office for Pete, an office space for me and so much more room than we currently have. The move starts tomorrow and we’re hoping to be all settled, internet and all by Monday but just in case I’ll be scheduling in a few posts and videos so as not to be completely m.i.a!

As always over Christmas I like to have a bit of a lull, slowing down on filming and writing and just enjoying the family time and this year won’t be any different. Jasper and Rhys are so much more aware of Christmas this year and I want to soak it all in; capturing the moments on film of course but taking the pressure off a bit in terms of my schedule.

There will be some exciting goings on though that I’m hoping will be all done ready for the new year! I’m re-branding all of my channels, that’s logos, site, media kit, business cards, social media – the lot! At the moment it just doesn’t flow, my Lilypod and Sweetpea logo and Jessica Avey logo (on Youtube) have no sync and theres nothing on my social media or communications that really ties my brand together so there will be a big change that I’m so so excited for!

Well that’s it really, changes changes changes – all for the better and all very exciting, for me anyway!

As I said I’ll be scheduling in posts so please do stay tuned and if there are any posts you’d like to see on here then fell free to comment below with your ideas and I’ll try and make it happen 🙂

Thanks for reading guys and have a wonderful Christmas!

Jess x

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