• The Suits
    It’s been a while since I’ve posted about our wedding, I think it took over for a long time and I thought it would be nice to put it on the backseat and post every so often rather than bombard you all with wedding spam. Well today I’m bringing you The
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  • Wedding food and drink
    This is a kind of bittersweet post to write for me; bitter because I missed most of the food and drink at our wedding due to my panic attack and sweet because it looks so blady delicious. Our wedding venue fully catered for us; there was never an option to
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  • Capturing the moments
    I absolutely love photos, especially of my family. I honestly feel such sadness when I miss a perfect photo opportunity; you know when your child pulls that oh so adorable smile but your phone has just died or your child is standing by the river looking out onto the water
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  • Entertaining mini wedding guests
    Not having children at our wedding was never an option. With two boys ourselves and lots of nieces and nephews, we always knew that kiddies would be a big part of our special day. That’s not to say that I don’t love a child-free wedding, I was so pleased (sorry
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  • Tips for planning an outdoor wedding
    One of the most stressful parts of planning our wedding (and there were a few) was the fact that the whole thing, ceremony, meal and reception took part outdoors. Now this was exactly how I wanted it, it was what I’d envisaged for so long, but oh my did it add a whole
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  • Wedding Bells – Brides Gifts
    Even though I’d always planned to get Pete a wedding day gift I never expected one from him. He put so much financially into the wedding and as I couldn’t contribute to that (except for my endless planning and stressing) I really wanted to get him something just to show
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  • Wedding Bells – Our honeymoon plans
    Now that the wedding is over, the big question on everyones lips is ‘where are you going on your honeymoon?’. We did go away to the Four Seasons in Hampshire the night after our wedding for a relaxing spa break, but that’s more of a mini-moon right? Initially we planned to go
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  • Wedding Bells – Grooms Gifts
    When I first thought about getting Pete a gift for our wedding I had a watch in mind; a designer watch with something engraved on it like ‘meet me at the alter’ or ‘ don’t be late’. Unfortunately I didn’t start to save up in time and when it came
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  • Wedding Bells – The Perfect Tipple
    As I write this post I’m amongst a haze of wedding planning stress and excitement. Hopefully when it’s scheduled to post I’ll be in a slightly different haze, a post-wedding haze filled with love and relaxation! Our wedding has been really flexible in terms of planning. Yes we went for
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