• 10k, 1 million and a Q&A
    When I first started blogging I never really had any goals. I wanted to document my pregnancy with Jasper and I guess keep myself busy as I’d left my job in Dubai to be a stay at home pregnant person in the UK; but things like stats and figures were
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  • Vlogmas
    Hello you lovely lot! This is just a quick post to let you know that this month we’re taking part in vlogmas. For those of you that don’t know vlogmas is where you vlog Christmas. There are different ways to do it; some people vlog every day until Christmas day,
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  • Superdrug Mums
    Last month I had the wonderful opportunity to team up with Superdrug and film some ‘mum tips’ videos for their Youtube channel. It was such a fun day in London, having our make up and hair done and pretty much being paid to sit and chat to other mums about
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  • 27 weeks pregnant
    I’m 27 weeks pregnant today and oh my this week has flown by! According to my app this is my last week in my 2nd trimester and then I’ll officially be on the last leg of pregnancy, my 3rd trimester! I think (hope) being in my 3rd trimester will give
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  • We’re back!
    You may have noticed that over on my Youtube channel Id taken a bit of a break from the weekly vlogging. I swear it had been about 2 months but looking back over my uploads it was only about 6 weeks – still pretty long when you’re used to daily
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  • Pregnancy favourites
    At 23 weeks pregnant I thought I’d talk about some of the products I have been LOVING during this pregnancy. Now not all of them, in fact hardly any of them are actually pregnancy specific, they’re just things that I’ve found useful or really enjoyed using since I’ve been brewing
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