• Maternity Photoshoot
    I cannot tell you how excited I’ve been to share these pictures with you guys. I know it’s a little late; it took me ages to choose my favourites and then baby came along and well you know what little time thieves they are! Chelsea White is the most wonderfully
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  • What’s in my hospital bag?
    One of the most important things to do during pregnancy when your due date is looming nearĀ is to pack your hospital bag for you and for baby. Now they recommend doing this closer to 35 weeks but in true me-style, I did it at 39+6; yes that’s right the day
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    If you read my previous post -‘What’s in my hospital bag?‘ then you’ll know that I like to pack mine and babies things into two separate bags. This is mainly because it makes it easier when trying to find items. Yes you could be super organised and have everything in
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  • Baby Sprinkle
    Near the end of my pregnancy, around week 38, I celebrated my baby sprinkle with some of my closest ladies. I’ve spoken before about why I chose to have a baby sprinkle over a baby shower and have also shared some sprinkle inspiration as well as a few outfit ideas
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  • Pregnancy Spa Day
    You guys know that this pregnancy has been a little bit tougher on me physically than the last was. With SPD and sciatica I’m in a lot of pain daily and topped with the energy drained from an active toddler, emotions from daily goings on and my mind going overtime
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    Okay I’m pretty ashamed to admit this, but I never knew that Next had a maternity range. Where have I been? I mean seriously, it’s one of the hugest fashion retailers and I never thought to look there for bump hugging pieces? Luckily for me the wonderful team got in
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