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If you’ve been following my pregnancy journey than you’ll no doubt have heard me harping on about my pregnancy bucket list – everything I’d like to do  during this pregnancy that I either couldn’t do, didn’t know about or simply loved doing last time and wanted to do again. One of the things on my list was to get a bump cast made. If you’re not sure what one of these is then it’s basically a plaster cast of your pregnant belly, something that you can keep forever to remember the bliss that was your brewing bump!

Now knowing that this may well be our last baby, I’ve been so eager to hold onto this pregnancy for as long as possible and treasure every moment of it; capturing pictures and footage as much as I can . The only thing is no matter how many pictures and videos you see post-labour of your pregnant self, you just can’t imagine how big you actually were. That’s why a cast is such a wonderful keepsake because you can literally hold your bump – or walk around with it under your top if that’s what you fancy haha

I was really kindly offered the service free of charge in exchange for an honest review by the lovely Laura from Treasured Prints who is actually local to me. She works from her home studio, making you feel very welcome, especially if you are feeling a little shy about getting your bump out.

The process started with me rubbing vaseline over my belly so that once the mixture had dried and the cast was pulled off it wouldn’t catch any hairs – I unfortunately have quite a hairy belly so this did happen a tiny bit but nothing worse than ripping off a little plaster.

The cast is made from the same material as what is used for a broken arm of leg cast and is therefore applied in the same way. The bandages are dipped into the solution which is placed over the belly; layered up and left to harden for a few minutes – it really is super quick! It was a really cool and refreshing feeling and baby boy definitely knew something was going on as he kept kicking, making my belly feel like when you smile with a facemark on!

The cast was then gently pulled off and the edges trimmed and smoothed off while I sat back and relaxed. The casts can take up to 5 weeks to harden completely, enough to be smoothed allover so Laura advised me to lay it on something soft like a duvet so that it didn’t dent.

I felt really strange driving home with my bump cast sat on the passenger seat next to me, I kind of felt like I should have put a seatbelt on it! It’s now placed on a shelf in babies nursery, waiting till his newborn photoshoot where I plan to use it as a prop. I’ve seen lovely pictures of babies laid in them with a little fur blanket to keep them cosy and although no one else will really know what it is I love the fact that he’ll be laying in my bump!

Afterwards I plan to have henna decorated on it; probably in bold colours to match his moses basket; which will then be kept back on his shelf in his room either alone or with his first teddies in it.
DSC00549 DSC00548

Laura does a range of other services including 3D casts, 2D outprints and silverprint jewellery. I loved browsing through the teeny tiny hand casts and puppy paw outprints and what was especially heartwarming was the ashes jewellery she’s started to create.

I’ve already decided I’ll be heading back for 3D casts of the boys feet once bambino arrives; it’ll be a lovely keepsake of the three of them!

DSC00546 DSC00547


Have you had a bump cast or perhaps one of your little ones hands or feet before? If you’re in the Hampshire area I’d 100% recommend visiting Laura, her service is really special and once in a lifetime!

Thanks for reading!

Jess x

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