Brotherly love

Before Jasper was born we really didn’t know how Rhys would react to him. We knew that they’d grow up to be really close and not know any different from having each other as brothers but with Rhys only turing 1 year old 2 weeks before Jasper was born we were unsure as to how he would be with a newborn in the house.

My main concerns were that he would struggle with having to share his attention, he’d not understand that he’d have to be gentle with him and that my mind would be so consumed with Jasper that I wouldn’t be able to focus on him as much.

As soon as Jasper arrived though, it was as if Rhys just knew that was his baby brother. Pete brought him into the hospital to visit us and his first reaction when he looked at the little bundle that was his baby brother, was to do his excited intake of breath/ toothy grin!

Pete placed him next to Rabbit who was laying on the bed and he only went and gave him a kiss!photo 1-79photo 2-81

I honestly expected a push, a frown or more than likely, for him to not be interested. I remember showing him a dolly at my brothers house and him pushing it away by its face. This is probably where my apprehensions stemmed from, and I was honestly at standby for his small yet strong hands to give Jasper a little shove in the face!

Well it really melted our hearts and I think our reaction of pure joy is what reinforced Rhys to continue showering Jasper with kisses every time he see’s him!

Not only does he give him kisses, but he also rests his forehead on Jaspers tummy (I think his way of letting Jasper return the favour!) , strokes him really gently and hands him random items that he thinks he would enjoy.

It still amazes me now that a 1 year old has the capacity to understand to be gentle, share and most importantly love such a tiny person who honestly can’t give him anything back in return just yet.
photo 2-82

We’ve noticed the last couple of days that Rhys has gotten a tiny bit possessive over Pete when he see’s him holding Jasper and there has been a couple of incidents where he’s tried to pull Jasper out of the way to have Daddy cuddles but that’s so understandable right!?

Pete’s fab, he manages to hold them both at the same time while also making sure to spend time with them both separately. Jaspers obviously not fussed just yet, but it’s important for Rhys to 1 – not feel left out and 2 – learn that he has to share our time.

Today was great because while Pete was cuddling Jasper, Rhys wanted cuddles from me (something that he never wants when Daddy is around!). He even kept looking over his shoulder to see if Pete was waning, almost as if to say ‘2 can play this game Daddy!’

Seeing the boys together makes me so excited to see them grow up together. I can just imagine them holding hands, hugging and sharing their toys. I can also foresee a lot of mischief and wrestling but it’s all part of the brotherly love 🙂 photo 2-83 photo 1-81photo 5-33
photo 1-80
photo 3-57 photo 4-49

Me and Pete are so proud of how Rhys has taken to being a big brother!

Thanks for reading 🙂 xx

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