Brotherly love

I sat watching Jasper and Jenson play together today; Jasper’s arm around Jenson scrunching his face up to make his little brother chuckle and I couldn’t help but imagining them when they’re older. I do it quite a lot actually; I picture them at different stages of their lives; playing football together, fixing their bikes on the front drive, waving each other off to uni and being best men at each others weddings … please tell me I’m not the only one that does this?

It’s not because I want to wish this time away at all, if anything I desperately want to capture it all in a bottle (minus the tantrums and night feeds) but there’s something so overwhelmingly beautiful about sibling love and in this case, brotherly love.

Now I’m sure they’d be the same if they were sisters or a mixture but there is just something about my tribe of boys that melts my heart (probably the fact that they’re mine) and I just love how close they all are. I’m the youngest of three, there’s my brother, sister and I and the age gaps between us all are quite big, between myself and my sister who is the middle child especially. We were close of course but I was always very much the baby sister, I wasn’t in school at the same time as them, we wouldn’t have had the same friends and their clubbing days were well and truly over by the time I started hitting up the bars so it wasn’t until we became adults that we became friends … no offence if you guys are reading this and thought we were friends the whole time haha

Well that’s what I love about my boys, I love that they’re not only brothers but friends already. Of course right now Jenson is very much a baby to them but within a few months there really won’t be anything in it. That age gap seems to get smaller even though it stays exactly the same and they’re interests and abilities merge so much so that when it comes to Rhys and Jasper they share a wardrobe and all of their toys. Rhys is now slightly taller and wants to play with his older cousins more than Jasper does but apart from that there’s not much difference between them and even though the age gap is larger between Jasper and Jenson I don’t doubt that it’ll be the same for them.

Jenson is already following the boys around and bless his heart he keeps up so well! His crawl is so speedy and it’s so sweet when just as he gets to the room they’re in they turn around to run out, but then quickly run back to encourage him to ‘come on baby, come on!’.

He loves playing with cars, watching the ‘hi pad’ over Jaspers shoulder and joining in as Rhys bundles Daddy. It does make me sad in a way because long gone are the baby toys, this 8 month old already loves Paw Patrol and train tracks but I guess it saves on space and money having them share it all!

Now I’m not totally naive and I do know that things won’t always be this way; there will be trouble when Rhys passes his driving test and can go out clubbing and Jasper is left behind; I’m sure there will be fights over girls and who scored the goal in football but ultimately I know that these boys are bros for life … and if they tell me they hate each other when they’re older I’ll show them some of these pictures and remind them of just how smitten they were of each other!

DSC06234 DSC06245 DSC06249DSC06287 DSC06343 DSC06360 DSC06397 DSC06475 DSC06613 DSC06805 DSC06867 DSC06933


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