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For those of you who followed my pregnancy journey; both journeys in fact you’ll know that SPD has played a prominent role. With Jasper it popped up on one occasion but with Jenson it appeared at around 19 weeks and for the most part, stuck around! If you’re not familiar with what SPD is or want to know more on my experience with it then click here; and if you’re all up to date or simply want to know how it’s affected me postpartum wise then read on.

When I was at my worst with SPD I spent many a nights researching tips and tricks for how to get rid of it but also what the chances were that it would go away after birth. For every one story I found from a woman claiming it to have disappears instantly I found another to say they were still suffered ten years down the line! It was pretty frustrating and miserable but I lived in the hope that I’d be one of the more fortunate ones.

Nearer the end of my pregnancy, around week 39 baby must have shifted because from then on my SPD pains moved from my  inner thighs to my *downstairs region* and the pain was so intense; much more so than before. I felt so glum, thinking if it was getting worse at that point then it would most certainly still cause me pain after birth but as soon as Jenson was born it vanished! Now I’d had many a false alarm; where I’d wake up with no pain, thinking it had gone for good but then it reared it’s ugly head a couple of days later so I didn’t hold out much hope but I can safely say that it still hasn’t returned and I’m now 10 weeks postpartum!

When I say instantly it wasn’t like out he popped and my SPD pain disappeared; I had an epidural so I was numb from the waist down and bed bound for the first 10 hours but when I took my first nervous steps, the only pain I felt was the soreness that comes from a child leaving your vagina!

I wish I’d written this sooner as it’s something I’m asked a lot by women who were in the same boat as me and I just want to reassure you that even when it feels like it will never go away; it can! I’m not saying it will; I’d be wrong to give that kind of hope, but for most women, if you take care of yourself, keep a good posture and take it easy, it will go and often like in my case – instantly!

Now I’ve done a post on my top tips for keeping SPD at bay but I really wanted to share a product that helped me massively – the Upsie Belly by Belly Bandit. I spoke about it a lot in my weekly updates but never really reviewed what it was and I know so many of you would benefit from it! It’s a belly support band made from SecureStretch bamboo material that provides immediate relief and comfort to your bump. The band sits perfectly around your waist moulding to your bump shape and secures together with velcro so it couldn’t be easier to put on and take off. It has 12 inches of adjustability so you can use it right up until you’re ready to pop without it digging in and becoming uncomfortable – it’s honestly so comfy!

The main reason that I got it wasn’t to support my bump but to relieve my SPD, sciatica and lower back pains that were in part due to my bump and it really helped for day to day living. It gave my bump just the right amount of support to take the pressure off my hips, legs and pelvis and made such a difference to my pain levels.  I didn’t find it helped while I was in bed when rolling over was really painful but for walking around it worked like a dream! It’s thick enough to create a stable support for you whilst being thin enough not to show through your clothing so you can wear it all day every day!

What’s fab about it is that it comes with a removable hot and cold pad that you can either heat in the microwave or pop in the freezer  depending on the kind of pain relief you want. I went for heat as it really soothed my lower back and I found that cold made me feel a bit stiff.

The other fab thing is that you don’t need to stop using it after giving birth; the Upsie Belly can still provide fab pain relief and support postpartum and is especially lovely with the heat pack in and turned around to soothe your belly!

Other benefits of the Upsie Belly include relieving bladder discomfort, helping to minimalise stretch marks, increasing circulation & blood flow and decreasing varicose veins, hernias & hemorrhoids – result!
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Has your SPD gone now you’ve given birth or did it stick around? What product would you most recommend? Have you tried the Upsie Belly by Belly Bandit? I’d seriously recommend it!


Thanks for reading,

Jess x

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