BabyBeau Charlie Round Tote Changing Bag Review*

When I had Jasper I used the same changing bag day in day out for well over a year. I always thought of having more than one as a luxury and as I loved the one I had it never bothered me. This time around though my needs have changed. Having a toddler and a baby; as well as another little boy at weekends means I’m forever swapping and changing what I need in my bag. It makes no sense to carry around Rhys’s things during the week or Jaspers when he’s at nursery so instead of taking bits out and adding new things every day I decided that I needed four different bags; it may sound excessive but hear me out – it makes sense I promise! I have one for weekends, big enough to fit all three boys bits and pieces. I have another for during the week when I have both boys; and a third that is just Jaspers, his toddler bag that he takes to nursery and I’ll use if I’m ever not attached to Jenson by the boob. I then have another bag for my days when it’s just me and Jenson and Jasper is at nursery; and that my friends is the gorgeous BabyBeau Charlie Round Tote Changing Bag.dsc01658

What I love about BabyBeau is that all bags in the collection could pass as every day handbags. I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again; I’m not a fan of the typical changing bag style, covered in cute flower and teddy prints. I like a bag that if I ran into the shop sans child I wouldn’t look silly with it over my shoulder. BabyBeaus collection of changing bags are all in neutral tones of navy, black and tan which I love because they go with practically any outfit and pushchair – vein I know but that’s a requirement for me!

The Charlie Round Tote is made from black faux leather making it not only stylish but wipe clean – hallelujah! It has protective feet at the bottom so you don’t risk it getting scuffed or dirty and the fact that it’s black means it wouldn’t show any dirt or scuffs anyway!


The design is sleek with gold hardware including the babybeau logo on the front and the double zip detailing. One thing I really love is that there is only one pocket on the outside of the bag; I love a pocket as much as the next mama but I don’t like them all over the outside of a bag; I can make it look like a tool belt! This pocket is situated on the back of the bag and big enough to fit keys, an iPhone and what I tend to use it for – car parking tickets so I remember where they are and don’t need to rummage around after shopping!


The bag has a 20cm handle drop but also comes with a detachable shoulder strap. The straps attach on little loops hidden behind the handles which is a nice touch because it means when you’re not using the straps you don’t have unused loops on show.

The inside of the bag has a waterproof lining in a stylish black and cream stripe pattern which reminds me of Jo Malone – always a good thing! It has one pocket which is the same size as the outside one and where I tend to keep my phone, keys, lipstick and any other small essentials. dsc01259

Now what I love about this bag is that it comes with a removable organiser bag perfect for filling with bambinos belongings. It poppers onto the inside of the bag meaning it can act as part of the main bag but within seconds can be removed and handed over to the babysitter while you take the rest of your (non obvious changing bag) off to work/dinner/wherever your baby-free legs can take you!

dsc01260dsc01650 dsc01651

The detachable organiser has a zip fastening and … pockets inside. It also has a small detachable zip pocket pouch which would be perfect as a money purse and you can even attach the provided straps to it to make in a mini handbag. dsc01254dsc01249 dsc01251

The bag also comes with the most gorgeous changing mat I think I’ve ever seen! It’s black leatherette with gold hardware and has the same sleek black and cream striped lining as the bag. What’s so fab about it is that it has a changing organiser attached via velcro where you can store nappies, wipes, nappy sacks. You can simply unfold the changing mat, separate the organiser and then velcro it back on when you’re done!
dsc01253dsc01652 dsc01255

The final accessory the Charlie Round Tote comes with is a leatherette bottle holder in a cool petal shape. We havent needed to use it just yet as I’ve only expressed a couple of times but I love how it matches the changing mat and has the same dreamy stripe pattern on the inside!dsc01256

I’m loving using the BabyBeau Charlie Round Tote changing bag; it’s super stylish and definitely something I’d use in years to come when my little ones are all grown up! If you’re looking for a sleek and stylish changing bag that doesn’t look like a changing bag then definitely head over and check out their range online – its rather swoon worthy!

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Jess x


*I was sent this bag to review; all opinions are my own

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