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Near the end of my pregnancy, around week 38, I celebrated my baby sprinkle with some of my closest ladies. I’ve spoken before about why I chose to have a baby sprinkle over a baby shower and have also shared some sprinkle inspiration as well as a few outfit ideas posts here, here and here if you’d like to check them out so I’ll simply share some perfect moments from the day.

The baby sprinkle was held at the Botleigh Grange Hotel, set back from the next village along from me and with the most beautiful grounds! I booked the venue myself and sent out the invites but when it came to planning any further my wonderful sister took over and told me, politely of course, to butt out and just turn up on the day!

I felt really anxious in the build up to it, not because I was worried it wouldn’t be perfect, but because Mum had gone into hospital 5 days beforehand so everyday I was hoping to hear the news that she’d be getting out and would be well enough to attend; but sadly she didn’t get out until the day after. I was so gutted because she was the one person I wanted to be there the most and I knew that she hated being stuck in a hospital bed while it was going on; but I knew it was much better than her pushing to leave early and potentially ending up back in there a few days later.

However the day was beautiful! There were 12 of us in total; I wanted to keep it low key being a baby sprinkle and it worked out that many people couldn’t make it or simply didn’t want to pay for an afternoon tea so it was a lovely intimate affair!


The outfit: I opted for a non- maternity dress from Topshop; it was a wrap around dress so it was easy to adjust and I simply sized up two sizes. I love everything about the dress, from the cold shoulders to the frilly neckline and delicate pattern – perfect for the occasion. I then teamed it with my wedding sandals (see pictures further down) and a green clutch bag.


The guests:  There was a wonderful mixture of family and friends. It was just the right amount to fit around one table, be able to have mini catch ups amongst ourselves and still be able to join in with the games and all talk together.
The decor: My sister went for a ‘sprinkle theme’, which was multi colours to match my Pinterest inspiration and the babies nursery which is all white with pops of colour. She made pompom flowers and garlands and decorated the table with bright confetti. She even made gorgeous goody bags for all of the guests which included candles and (I think lip balms?)
DSC08886 DSC08889 DSC08893DSC08891

The food: The food was a traditional afternoon tea spread so tea, coffee and water to drink; then cakes, sandwiches and scones to eat. It was all delicious and there was loads leftover for guests to take home!DSC08895 DSC08894
The gifts: I was so overwhelmed by the gorgeous gifts my baby boy and I received, everyone really did make such a huge effort! He got some lovely clothes, books, toys and keepsakes and I even got some wonderful goodies myself! These are some storage boxes from my sister which she used to hold the prizes for the baby sprinkle games and are now in baby boys nursery holding his teeny socks, bibs and muslins!

The venue was really stunning with beautiful grounds. Because the weather was so nice we got to sit outside and after it all finished we walked down to the river and took some pictures under this lovely archway. DSC08900 DSC08901 DSC08905 DSC08904 DSC08906 DSC08907DSC08911

It was so wonderful to have my fellow pregnant chummy Sarah there too and we made sure to get lots of bump pictures!DSC08912 DSC08914 DSC08925

The day was so beautiful, we got really lucky with the weather and I’m so grateful to my sister for pulling out all of the stops to make it extra special for me, especially as I was so down about my Mum not being able to attend. Here are some more snaps … just because!DSC08943 DSC08932 DSC08930 DSC08918 DSC08920

If you’re looking for the perfect baby sprinkle or even just a toned down intimate baby shower then I would definitely say opting for an afternoon tea is the best way to go! Not only does it mean minimal setting up and tidying away but you’re in a beautiful setting, have everything served to you and it’s a wonderful afternoon activity for your guests. It’s perfect for smaller numbers although of course you could push the boat out and cater for larger crowds, and if you’re hiring a private room or having the caterers come to your home then you’re not limited at all and still have free reign of the decor.

Thanks for reading,

Jess x

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