A little while ago myself and Jenson headed up to London for a fun photoshoot with Babease, a baby food brand that we’d been working closely with since Jenson started weaning. Babease create organic, healthy and delicious pouches with veggies as the main focus. Jenson, like most babies has a real sweet tooth and prefers fruit over veg but this isn’t great for when they’re older and stick to that sweet tooth habit! Babease have some scrumptious recipes which Jenson just loves and I as his muma feel so good knowing that he’s being packed full of goodness.

We were really excited when they asked if me and Jenson like to take part in a photoshoot for their new promo and I felt all kinds of proud as it was Jenson’s second photoshoot that week!

We headed up to London to the coolest artsy home where the kitchen was adorned with fresh veggies! Jenson was so good all day, he basically just sat and ate which is one of his favourite things to do and along with the other kiddies he had some gorgeous pictures taken!

If you follow Babease on their social media pages then you may have already seen some of these as part of their promo but if not here is some gorgeous baby spam – proud muma alert!


17_03_08_Babease_Babies10121 17_03_08_Babease_Babies10131
17_03_08_Babease_Babies10134 17_03_08_Babease_Babies10136
17_03_08_Babease_Babies10142 17_03_08_Babease_Babies10145
17_03_08_Babease_Babies10149 17_03_08_Babease_Babies10150

17_03_08_Babease_Babies10164 17_03_08_Babease_Babies10166 17_03_08_Babease_Babies10167 17_03_08_Babease_Babies10168 17_03_08_Babease_Babies10172 17_03_08_Babease_Babies10175 17_03_08_Babease_Babies10176
17_03_08_Babease_Babies10185 17_03_08_Babease_Babies10187


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