Baby massage part 1 – he pooped!

A little while ago I posted about my amazing post pregnancy massage and I think Rabbit got a bit jealous as he’d been hinting for one ever since!

I’d been searching for different baby massage classes as the benefits for bambino are actually really great! I know it sounds daft and a bit out there but a massage can do wonders for your little ones digestive system, sleep pattern and general mood.

Jasper used to poop after every feed but it’s dramatically dropped to once a day, if that; so I definitely wanted to give massaging him a go.

I’ve seen so many other mummies taking their babies to massage classes but before attending a class I thought I’d give it a go in the comfort of our own home – who wants to be trying something knew with a newborn in a room full of other mums and potentially screaming babies!?

The routine I tried was The massage for Happy Babies by Newstork Times which was a really convenient download onto my laptop. I was told to wait for a time when Jasper was calm and happy, in a warm room. In my rush of impatience I went for when Jasper was due a feed and when the heating hadn’t quite kicked in yet!

Needless to say it didn’t go well and he wasn’t a fan!

Not wanting to discount it straight away I decided to give it another go and to my delight the little man really enjoyed it (most of it).

I waited till he’d had a bath and had fed ( not straight after though incase the pressure on his tum made him bring up his milk). The room was warm and I laid him all snuggly on a towel on his changing mat.

I was advised to use either grapeseed or olive oil and I used olive (the only one I had). It’s up to you whether you massage baby when completely naked or just in a nappy and I went for nappy on as I knew if he peed he would get cold and uncomfortable.

The video guides you through each step, starting on one leg, then the next and slowly up the body.

Jasper loved the pressure on his thighs but did have a little cry when I massaged his feet – he must be like his mum, my feet are not for touching!

We got to his tummy which was to be rubbed in clockwise strokes to go with the blood circulation. He cooed away during this and low and behold … He pooped. It must have been a combination of his relaxed mood and the light pressure of my hands.


We didn’t get to finish because he then became restless wanting his nappy changed but I now use this technique on a daily basis. Sometimes after his bath and sometimes when we’re just relaxing watching tv.


If you want to give your baby a massage from home you can download this one from their website Newstork Times for £4.99 till the end of July then it goes up to it’s normal price of £7.99.

Thanks for reading!


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