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Winter is coming … okay Winter is here but the GoT reference was too good not to throw in! Winter is officially here and doesn’t my boys skin know it! Jasper and Jenson both have mega sensitive skin and one thing that I can always guarantee will set us back to square one when I’ve just gotten it under control is the weather! Just as the cold nights kick in the boys skin becomes dry, itchy, covered in sore patches of eczema and whatever method I’ve been using to keep the eczema at bay becomes redundant.

This Winter was no exception and in fact was the worst their skin has gotten so we decided to give something new a try. Now if you’ve been following me for a while then you’ll know I’m quite fussy with what I put on my babies skin, not in a snobby way but purely because they’ve suffered so badly in the past and I don’t want to risk them having any kind of reaction. So, when Dove got in touch to see if the boys would like to try out it’s new Baby Dove Rich Moisture Range I was really keen to get started as I know that they’re a brand I trust!

I’ve used Dove Beauty Bar myself and I love how gentle it is on my skin, Dove as a brand focuses on moisture, mildness and gentle care so I knew that their baby range would be no exception! The range is made for babies with normal to dry skin and is not only clinically proven to be as mild as water but the Head to Toe Baby Wash is also pH neutral with a tear-free formula. Their aim is to replenish essential moisture and nutrients into bambinos skin as a baby’s skin is thinner than that of an adults and therefore is more likely to lose moisture and be prone to dryness.

The Rich Moisture range consists of a shampoo, nappy cream, wipes, baby bar and my favourite two that I’ll be sharing today – the Rich Moisture Head to Toe Baby Wash and the Lotion.

The Head to Toe Baby Wash smells like babies – that fluffy, talc kind of scent that just makes you want to cuddle them and take a big whiff! It comes in an easy to use pump bottle that is easy for a muma to use one handed.

As a family who travels a lot I love a head to toe wash as it acts as an all in one product, I can use a few pumps in the bath water and then wash the boys hair and body with it too without needing shampoo and bubble bath!

The Lotion again has that huggable scent which I just wish I could bottle up and wear myself! A little goes a long way and it rubs in really easily, not leaving any residue but still leaving smooth and sweet smelling skin! 

Both of the boys skin has been so soft for the past few days and their dry patches have really reduced. They also smell incredible and the scent really lasts between washes which is lovely!

Baby Dove has shared some tips for protecting your little ones skin this Winter, especially if they’re prone to dry and delicate skin:

1 – Ensure baby’s bath is the correct temperature and try to keep baths to a maximum of 5 minutes

2 – Moisturise your baby’s skin more regularly – the best time is after a bath!

3 – Dress bambino in layers of soft breathable fabrics like cotton because using layers allows you to quickly adjust your baby’s temperature when moving from inside to outside. *As a general guideline, babies need one extra layer than adults

4 – Use an indoor humidifier to stop the air at home drying out baby’s skin

5 – Protect your baby from cold winds by placing a breathable rain cover on your pram/push chair

If you’d like to check out the Baby Dove Rich Moisture range or their Sensitive Moisture range which is fragrance free then head over to


How are you keeping your little ones skin protected this Winter?


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