I’m still on the hunt for trendy baby boy clothes that aren’t the standard baby blue colour with teddy bears and sheep. Not that there is anything wrong with baby blue, I’m sure that Rabbit will have lots of clothes in that colour, but I don’t want that to be the only colour that he wears. I want him to be rocking reds, greens and oranges with a variety of funky patterns! I thought I’d quickly share some really cool bits on Etsy that I just found!

il_570xN.443220661_lxelThis one made me chuckle – what lady can resist a little man in a stroller!? Rabbit is going to need to own one of these, intact Pete runs a printing business so that will be his next item to make!

$15 by All That Sass Boutique

il_570xN.532097284_aof6I love the bold colours and stripy pattern on these baby grows. The bow ties are an amazing touch! Little man suit and tie baby grows $23 by Belin Boutique

il_570xN.195446150How adorable are these? A perfect mixture of baby boy clothes and my favourite thing to do – DIY. Jack and Jill Loafer Pattern to DIY- $4.50 by Blue Bird Patterns

il_570xN.508575370_nlk3I moustache you a question! These leggings are so cute. I love the moustache craze that is going on at the moment especially since ‘Movember’. I definitely want Rabbit to be wearing leggings and not just jeans and joggers. They’re so comfy and snuggly and a little bit different too. $13 from The Little Bunny Store