A week in outfits

I made a little deal with myself recently to make more of an effort with what I wear. I never seem to wear what I’d call ‘outfits’; I always just seem to chuck on jeans and a tee and I save the proper styling for things like holidays or the rare occasions that I go out for dinner or to a wedding or party. It’s left me feeling a little ‘meh’ when it comes to getting ready in the mornings and I’d kind of resulted in just wearing the same two or three outfits over and over so I’ve decided to push myself to get more style savvy! I always scroll through Instagram double tapping the insta-mums fashion posts and thinking ‘how to heck do they manage to have a ‘look’ every day?’ and I’ve made it my personal mission to do the same! I knew if I simply told myself to do it then it wouldn’t happen so I started making sure to post an outfit of the day picture every day on my Instagram. It’s turned into a nice little pattern of every other square being a style shot and then the in between ones images of the boys and it’s given me the push to get a bit more creative and make more of an effort every day.

Now I’m by no means a fashionista; a lot of the outfits you’ll see are very old because I’ve had to delve deep into my wardrobes to find something that hasn’t been seen on my feed before but it’s really given me a bit more of a confidence boost with my style and it’s gotten me out of my clothing rut!


Okay so without further a due here is my week in outfits:


Embroidered dress: Mango

Sunglasses: AccessorizeDSC09560


Embroidered dress: Zara

Sunglasses: AccessorizeDSC09633


Embroidered dress: Zara



Minimal Tee: Mango

Culottes: ASOSDSC09828


Flute sleeved seater: Miss Selfridge

Fringe hem jeans: ASOSDSC09653 DSC09682


Levi tee: ASOS

Grey fitted skirt: ASOS

Zebra print boots: NEXTDSC09854


Striped dress: New LookDSC09953 DSC09949

Well that’s week one, let’s see what the next week has in store!

Thanks for reading,

Jess x

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