I made a decision today to try to blog every day for a month. I know what you’re thinking; ‘Jess your track record of daily vlogging hasn’t been great so why consider daily blogging’ and you’re probably right; both times I’ve attempted Vlogmas (vlogging every day over Christmas) I’ve ended up giving up half way but this I hope to be different. See this I have an aim behind, a reason why I want to blog every day. When I’ve tried daily vlogging before it was purely to see if I could do it, to try the challenge but my reason for wanting to blog every day is to try to get my love for blogging back.

You may have noticed that I’ve kind of lost it lately, my spark for writing has gone out and I tend to write because I haven’t posted in a while and need to get some content on here rather than because I feel passionately about it. I write collaborations and monthly updates but I rarely blog about how I’m feeling or what we’ve been up to like I used to. Blogging has quite honestly become quite an effort lately, I’ve felt like I’ve needed to be in the right frame of mind to write and it’s not just come easily like it used to. So I figured/hope that writing every day will get my spark back.

After I’ve written about Jenson’s 8 month updates, Jasper’s party and how being a mum and step mum of three boys can be blooming tough/ wonderful; I’m sure (hoping) I’ll run out of topics to write about and will be forced to write about how I feel and what we’re up to; and hopefully this will make blogging become a bit more natural … that or it’ll put me off completely and this will be the last you see of me haha!

So here we are, day one of 31. Starting on April 24th I’ll post every evening at 9pm (only because it’s 8:45pm now and I reckon I can get this up in 15 mins) until May 24th … wish me luck!

Thanks for reading,

Jess x

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