9 weeks pregnant

Today we saw bambini for the very first time! We decided to book a private ultrasound scan with Babybond as even though we only have three weeks to wait until we have our 12 week scan, that seem so long away! With Jasper we had scans from 6 weeks as we were living in Dubai and everything was private so I think I just craved that same reassurance early on.

I also haven’t been feeling any symptoms apart from slight tiredness and sickness but with a house move and overindulging at Christmas time I thought it may have been due to that; so just to be sure I wanted to know everything was tip top with bambini.

Well little one was absolutely perfect; little hands and feet wriggling around like tiny paddles as at this stage the arms and legs aren’t formed yet.

We got to see the heartbeat and lots of wriggles so not only did we feel a rush of overwhelming love but we felt our minds put at ease instantly.

The sonographer did all of her routine checks and even though it’s too early to test for the things they do at 12 weeks, she could account for he major limbs and organs and a healthy strong heartbeat.

I would definitely recommend going private if you have the money to do so. It was such a relaxing atmosphere with calming music, tea and biscuits (those posh aeroplane caramel ones!). We were the only people there and didn’t feel rushed at all. The sonographer was so calm and friendly and asked if we wanted to see anymore once she had done all of her checks. The scan is called the early scan, available from 7 weeks, but it’s also called the viability scan for obvious reasons. It cost £99 but the later scans where they perform more checks are more expensive so do bare that in mind.

So it’s official, I’m 9 weeks pregnant with Baby Avey number 3 and so so excited to share my second pregnancy journey with you!

Little one:

At 9 weeks little one is the size of a grape – oh my the cuteness! He or she is approximately 0.07 oz and 0.90 inches in length from crown to rump. The actually scan measured baby at 22.7mm crown to rump which is pretty spot on!

So far I have no bump and apart from a bit of tiredness and feeling a bit sick, I’m feeling pretty good! I’ll be doing regular video updates and well as posts on here but of course none of it will go live until I’m 12 weeks – so stay tuned for the big reveal!!

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