7 month update

Oh me oh my 7 months … actually 7 months doesn’t seem quite as scary as 6 months. I guess 6 months was a big milestone, half of a year and all but 7 months just seems like a little more … not a lot more if that makes sense?

This has been a big month for Jenson though with lots of milestones popping up but let’s get down to the two things I think every parent wants to hear about at this stage … sleep and feeding! We’ve managed to get Jenson into a pretty good routine at the moment and as sleep and feeding are pretty much all that his routine is made up of … I’ll just go ahead and tell you about that!

If you saw my last post on Jenson’s 6 month routine then you’ll know this already but basically at around 6.5 months we got Jenson into a much better routine. It took a bit of work and was down to a lot of things but so far so good! Do check out that post for more info on it but here it is in all of it’s glory:

8:00am 7oz bottle 

9:00am Breakfast

10:00am Nap 1-2 hours

12 noon Lunch

1:00pm 7oz bottle

2:00pm Nap 1 hour

5:00pm Dinner

6-6:30pm 7oz bottle

7:00pm Bed

It’s been like this for about two weeks now although we do have days where we’re out and about and nap times get muddled, or he’s poorly and doesn’t feel like eating, it’s generally pretty rigid.


Jenson sleeps from 7-7(ish). He does occasionally wake earlier and he does wake once or twice in the night for a feed but this is his bedtime. He sleeps in his Sleepyhead still in the Snuzpod bedside crib in our room and even though I know he would be fine in his own room now I’m more than happy to have him beside me. In fact, that’s probably the only reason he’s still in our room – I’d miss him if he went into his own. Plus his room isn’t really ready and if he’s still feeding in the night it’s easier to have him in our room … but mainly I’d just mss his little snuffles!

I know that moving him into his room may stop him from waking but I really don’t think he’s waking from our noise as his wakes are quite regular and he’s feeding so it’s more a case of being hungry/ in a routine of feeding in the night!

He also has two naps during the day, his morning one is generally longer, lasting around 1.5-2 hours and if we’re at home he has this in his bed. If we’re out and about it’s usually in his pushchair or carseat depending on where we are.

He never feeds to sleep, he always gets put in his bed awake and mostly with his dummy which I think has helped him to self settle more throughout the night and wake less.


Jenson’s gone from having 5 bottles of 6oz formula during the day to just 3 bottles of 7oz a day. He’s also gone from 2-3 bottles during the night to 1-2, usually just one. I found that I was giving him bottles more frequently out of habit and even if he weren’t crying for one I’d go to make him one and as soon as I started to spread them out a bit more everything just fell into place. He then started to eat more at meals times and go through longer stretches at night time.

He now has breakfast, lunch and dinner and actually eats proper portion sizes whereas before he’d take or leave his food and much preferred his milk! He eats most things now, although he still hasn’t tried meat or fish.


Jenson has had a bit of a cold but who’s child hasn’t lately? He’s also had an ear infection/ perforated eardrum which surprisingly hasn’t bothered him at all! I put him down for his nap and when he woke a couple of hours later I noticed his ear was leaking. He did a weeks course of antibiotics which didn’t seem to help as his ear just continued to leak so we were then prescribed ear drops which cleared it up within a couple of days. there was never any screaming/ fever/ sickness or anything so it either didn’t hurt at all or he’s jsut tough as old boots! The only thing that I have noticed is that he’s stopped scratching the top of his head which he was doing all of the time before till it bled; so I’m thinking this was due to the pressure maybe?

Jenson’s eczema has really cleared up also, we’ve been a bit slack with using his Aveeno cream too so I can only assume that he’s either grown out of it or that the weather change has helped.


Jenson likes pretty much everything; he’s a really happy and content baby but the things he loves most are being in his jumperoo and when we play peekaboo with him!


There isn’t much that Jenson dislikes except for having his face wiped and being put down mid-fun!


Okay onto the exciting stuff! Jenson is now sitting up! It’s the most adorable thing, he started about a week ago where we’d need to hold him but now he does it all by himself. I do prop a pillow behind him as sometimes he gets excited and throws himself back, but occasionally I’ve forgotten and left the room and when I’ve come back in 5 minutes later he’s still sat there happy as Larry!

Jenson has also started creeping! He’s not quite at the crawling stage but he pushes his bum up in the air and then his body shoots forward like a little caterpillar! He can get from one side of the room to the other in no time from creeping and rolling so the bay proofing has begun!

Well that’s it for Jenson’s 7 month update. He’s a happy and content little soul who loves to smile and babble away. Please do watch my 7 month update video where I talk more about each stage and of course include some super cute clips of Jens!

Thanks for reading!

Jess x

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