Today me and Pete had our first midwife appointment. We didn’t really know what to expect as in the UK you don’t tend to have a scan until you are 12 weeks, and I’m only 6 weeks pregnant at the moment! However we had been told that in Dubai you get a scan as early as 2-3 weeks, so we were a tad excited!

We turned up early, thanks to my control freak ways, and after the initial blood tests, height and weight checks and urine samples we got to see the little pea! It literally was a dot, and she told me that I was around 6 weeks, so it was too early to see a heartbeat. I’m so happy to have gotten to see our baby, even if there wasn’t any reassurance that all was ok. Here’s our first family photo, we think it looks like a rabbit!

Our 5 week scan in Dubai!

Our 6 week scan in Dubai!

We’re going back in 2 weeks to see if the heartbeat will show up, and to see if the little rabbit has gotten any bigger, eek I can’t wait!  I will update you all then!


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