5 ways to get out of a funk

It’s no secret that I’ve been going through a bit of a tough time lately; a really tough time in fact and as I mentioned in my previous blog post – Rediscovering my independence, I really want to use this space positively to help anyone going through something similar.

Now I know that everyones situations differ, even if you’re going through a separation like me your circumstances may be entirely different so I want to make this as general as possible; these are things that are helping me through my separation, however they’ve also helped me through loss, grief, problems with friends and work … anything that is causing a low mood that seems to take over daily.

The other day I woke up on the wrong side of the bed; I felt low, emotional, sensitive and felt like I was going through cycles of anger, sadness, annoyance and back to anger all in the space of a few minutes.

I knew that I had two choices, slump on the sofa all day feeling unproductive and crap or get motivated and push to be positive. Now of course there is nothing wrong with a sofa day but for me it has to be limited, if I sit there all day I’ll think, I’ll mindlessly scroll through social media, I’ll look around me at the mess and ever growing to-do list and feel so much worse. Sitting down to have some down time is fine but for me only when it’s limited and productive – i.e. gives me a chance to recharge and then move on.

So here are 5 things that I can do to get myself out of a funk pretty much instantly:

Cleaning and tidying

I am a sucker for a bit of hoovering! I never thought I’d be the kind of gal that get her kicks out of cleaning but honestly it’s not only the physical act that I enjoy but the after effect too. There is nothing more satisfying than sitting in a clean and tidy room and the happy hormones that you release whilst running around spraying, wiping and vacuuming can just make you feel so great! It doesn’t have to be a monumental task of cleaning your whole home, of course that will leave you feeling great but if you’re pushed for time then pop a wash load on, empty the dishwasher, change the bedding – it doesn’t matter what it is but simply making at least one aspect of your home cleaner and tidier will make all the difference and spur you on to do the rest when you can!


I had a bit of a break from the gym over the past few weeks and I am so glad to be back to it. I notice a huge lift in my mood the minute I start to work out so even if I don’t have time to get to the gym the minute I’m feeling any kind of negative emotion I do a quick round of squats, lunges or sit-ups and I feel my bad mood lift! If I do have a kid-free day then I do like to treat myself to a day at the club; I’m a member of my local David Lloyd gym and will be collaborating with them on a series of posts soon but to give you an idea of how I spend a good few hours there I’ll do a class, gym session, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, swim and then stop for a spot of lunch in the restaurant.

I also like to do home workouts using my resistance bands so there really is no excuse not to exercise when you’re a busy mama!

Speaking to friends

I’m terrible for playing scenarios over in my head, I respond to things often too quickly without thinking and if I’m on my own then I only have myself to reason with. Speaking to friends when you’re in a bad mood is amazing for so many reasons. Firstly you’re getting a different perspective, a message that can seem totally out of order to you could be translated to something actually quite innocent by another. A response, negative thought or action you think is right can easily be changed to something positive by a good friend. Secondly, it is a great distraction; listen to how your friend is, how their day is going and what they’re up to. Let them make you laugh and pull you out of your funk – I can guarantee that speaking to the right friend will lift your mood instantly!

Self care

Call me vein but when I look good I feel good. Yes it is true that feeling good can give you that glow and make moonbeams shine from your eyes or whatever the phrase is but honestly I feel so much better when I have taken a little bit of time out to pamper myself. It really doesn’t matter what it is for me, my preference would always be a full body massage and blow dry but realistically in a day with two young kids I’m happy to get my kicks from more subtle acts – plucking my eyebrows, curling my hair, giving my feet a good scrub and moisturise.

Something I have opted for recently is making use of therapists that are mobile; my friend Marti comes to my house to cut my hair so I can have it done while the boys play at my feet. I also have a lovely lady who comes to my home to do my nails, lashes and waxing as and when I need it/ can afford it which is great as she usually comes once I’ve put the boys to bed.

Ticking off to-do’s

Of course I wasn’t going to write any kind of advice post without mentioning to-do lists. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now then you’ll know that I love a good list; I love writing them, I love ticking them off when they’re done, I even love laying in bed and reading through them – yes I am that sad. Well on a day that I feel low, even if it isn’t my ever-growing to-do list that is making me feel that way, I always find that completing some of my tasks makes me feel better. It lightens my load, distracts me from my negative thoughts and gives me a sense of accomplishment. It doesn’t have to be huge things, it could be as simple as calling to book a doctors appointment or paying a bill; it could even be any of my previous points like going to the gym or cleaning the kitchen – whatever it is give it a go and see how accomplished you feel!


Well those are my 5 ways to lift your mood when you’ve woken on the wrong side of the bed. I know I’ve done similar posts before, like how to beat a bad mood, how to de-stress and how to have a positive morning but this little list I have found to be a sure fire way to pick me back up when I’m overwhelmed by my current situation.

I really hope you can try at least one of the things today and if you do please do let me know how you got on! Also please do comment below with how you get through any particularly difficult times in your life!


Thanks for reading,

Jess x




  • Hannah
    18th November 2017 at 4:06 pm Reply

    Really good tips! I love a good hoover too – clean house = clear mind! X

  • Georgina
    18th November 2017 at 4:54 pm Reply

    Love this ❤️ I’m exactly the same, even tho I sometimes forgot, this is what I need to do ‘to get out of a funk’ xx

  • Andi
    18th November 2017 at 11:35 pm Reply

    Hi Jess! I really loved this post and can really relate to it- it’s so tempting to veg out when you’re blue, and so hard to power through the slump and find a bit of happiness. Experience has taught me that DOING something for me helps me feel better and my most mind boosting thing to do is excercise: I find I can tune out of life and into my music, get the endorphins flowing and ( hopefully) look a bit better too!! 💜Keep up with this fab blog!!!

  • Vicky Excell
    27th November 2017 at 2:32 pm Reply

    To be honest the search for happiness is one that’s universal. For some people it can happen after a separation, but it can apply to people unhappy in the workplace or for a thousand other reasons. In all cases the journey is hard but its the light at the end of the tunnel that makes it all worth it.

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