As a mother to small boys I’ve found it so useful to build up a few little hacks that make mum life so much easier. They’re nothing ground breaking but on a day to day basis, amongst nappies, tantrums and general boy mum life they make me feel a little bit calmer and more in control. My boys are 4 years old, 3 years old and 9 months old but these could certainly be used for younger and older kiddies and of course girlies too! So here they are, my five most used mum hacks:

1 – Nappy Pants

Because Jenson is now such a master at crawling, things like getting him dressed and nappy changes are becoming so tricky! The second I lay him on his back he flips over like a fish out of water onto his front and crawls off like a stealthy ninja. It had made nappy changes especially tough as he’s now on solids so those nappies aren’t so pleasant, but I found one trick that has literally saved me and my carpets, pant-style nappies! As we’re avid Pampers fans I tried him out with the Pampers active fit nappy pants as I knew from experience with Jasper that they’re so easy to pull up in one pull and easy to remove by tearing the sides. I was worried that they wouldn’t hold as much as the taped nappies as I saw them more for toddlers who wee less frequently or are potty training but they have the exact same benefits and give the same results! I wish I’d thought to use them earlier with Jasper as it would have saved me so much stress from his wriggly baby ways but I’m glad I’m getting the most of this genius idea now with Jenson from when he was around 8 months!

2 – Outfit roll

My changing bag is by no means the most organised thing; it’s full to the brim of nappies, wipes, spare clothes, kinder egg toys and snacks but I can assure you that if I need something I know where to find it. My keys and phone are in the inside pocket, nappy changing items are one on side and spare clothes are found in a clever yet simply made outfit roll. Long gone are the days of rooting around the bottom of my bag for baby socks as I now keep a whole outfit rolled up like a little piece of sushi. They’re so easy to make and make nappy explosions that much more bearable; plus it means that you have a ready made outfit that goes; you’re not stuck trying to match joggers with a romper and a mismatch cardigan.

3 – Onesie fold down

It may be obvious to some but for me and all who I share this magical secret with it has come as a little bit of a game changer. Most baby vests have an envelope opening which despite what I originally thought, isn’t just to accommodate for babies with bigger heads. It’s actually so that the vest can be taken off downwards, going past the babies shoulders and down their torso to avoid having to go over the babies face and hair if they’ve had a nappy explosion! 

4 – Freeze everything

I cannot stand wasted food and I can always guarantee that every couple of weeks I’m left with a couple of frubes and a handful of grapes that are about to go off. Popping these in the freezer means that you not only save them from being wasted but you save money and have some new varied snacks. Frozen frubes are just like mini milk ice lollies and can keep lunch boxes cool ready for lunch time. They’re just as scrummy when they’ve defrosted so if you’re little one only wants them in yoghurt form they still can! Jasper loves eating frozen fruit and often sucks on frozen blueberries and strawberries; I also pop them in his water bottle and he helps me to make smoothies with them. They’re also great to put into fresh food feeders for Jenson to suck on! DSC08877

5 – Clothes basket

This is probably my favourite hack ever and it is so simple! Everyone has a clothes basket right? and I’m pretty sure that everyone also has the annoyance of trying to carry glasses, nappies, dirty clothes and bottles downstairs every morning! Well I use my washing basket to carry everything and it literally changes my life; it makes my morning and evening routine so much easier and I use it for my washing anyway so it’s something that I already have and store. I keep it at the top of the stairs and take everything down in it in the morning in one go and then I fill it back up during the day with things to take back up like clean clothes ready to put away and the boys bedtime bits. 


Well those are my 5 most used mum hacks; I hope you found them useful! Please do let me know below if you give any of them a go and of course share your top mum hacks too!


Thanks for reading,

Jess x

* This post is sponsored by Pampers however all opinions are my own and we have always been avid Pampers fans

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