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On Tuesday myself, Pete and Jaspy headed to Babybond for a 4D scan. It was at the same private clinic where we had our 9 week scan so I knew it was lovely and would be a wonderful experience. This is something I’d had on my bucket list from day dot but had completely left until the last minute to book. The optimum time for you to have your 4D scan is between 24-32 weeks, I guess because it get’s so cramped in there that it’s harder to see baby past this time. They also say that the latest you should have it done is at 32 weeks as by that time baby is usually head down and hiding in your pelvis so seeing their face is extremely difficult. Well in true me-style, I forgot all about booking it until I watched the gorgeous Emily Norris and her 28 week update where she went for one; so I quickly booked it with two days to spare.

The sonographer actually told me they’re trying to lower the limit to 30 weeks as it’s often too difficult to get a good view at 32 weeks, so if you’re looking to have a 4D scan done – plan ahead!

Well baby boy wasn’t hiding in my pelvis, far from it – he’s only blooming breech! I know I have time to change this but I’m clueless so if any of you mumas have any tips on turning breech babies around, please send them my way!

As much as this position was a good thing scan-wise, he was also faceplanting my placenta which is in the front so after a good 15-20 minutes of trying and only a ‘penis shot’ to take away; I was back out in the waiting room drinking tea and complimentary biscuits whilst tapping my belly and pacing up and down.

We then popped back in around 20 minutes later but still had no joy as baby boy decided to stay put. Luckily with the package I bought, I was entitled to a rescan, so we looked at rebooking for the next day (as any later would have been past 32 weeks) however last minute the receptionist called me back and said if I could come back in an hour they’d try again and then if baby still hadn’t moved we’d go for the re-book option the following day.

Pete had to get on with some work sadly but me and Jasper headed back in after indulging in some ice cream and an orange (recommended for getting baby moving);  and luckily little man had flipped over and was there for us to see! I’m so gutted Pete missed it as it made me more emotional than any other scan we’ve had, but I’m glad I didn’t need to rebook for a later date and he got to watch the DVD at home anyway.

Baby boy did have his hand up on his forehead for a lot of the session which looked super adorable and when he moved it we got some lovely clear shots of his little face. It was so amazing to see his pouty lips, squishy little nose and cute grumpy brow and even though he didn’t open his eyes I could just picture them being the same almond shape as Jaspers.

Well here he is, my squishy little man. I can put a face to his (undecided) name now and when I look at my bump I picture himpeering up at me. I can also imagine meeting him now, more so than I could before.


The scan went really well. The package included growth and weight estimates, a well being check, 2x coloured prints, as many black and white prints and they took ( I got around 10) and a DVD which was about 7 minutes long. We could have upgraded to get keyring, more prints, USB sticks etc but I think you can go crazy and this was exactly what we wanted.

Well his measurements were all fine, everything was where it should be and working well. His estiamted weight at the time of scan was 4lbs 7oz, so if I’m on time he’s set to be about 8lbs at birth – not too bad at all!

My only concern after the scan now is that he is breech; the sonographer didn’t make me feel worried at all but she did say usually babies would be head down by now so to just keep an eye on it at midwife appointments etc and hopefully he’ll naturally turn.

I would definitely recommend going for a 4D scan if you haven’t already. It was just a lovely thing to do that really increased my bond with bambino and it’ll be so interesting to see if he actually looks the same when he’s born! Jasper loved it, he waved at his little brother and kept looking at my belly and then the screen and saying ‘baby…same’.

Have you been for a 4D scan or would you rather keep their little looks a complete surprise till their arrival?

Thanks for reading!

Jess x



  • BattleMum
    15th June 2016 at 9:48 am Reply

    I had a 4D scan on BattleKid and I’m so glad we decided to have it done. It’s a lovely way to bond with your baby even more. Delighted your little man finally moved for you and Jasper to see him x

    • Jessica
      16th June 2016 at 8:08 pm Reply

      It really is so lovely isn’t it? I’d recommend it to any pregnant muma out there!

  • HubbardChiwara2013
    15th June 2016 at 5:57 pm Reply

    This is such a lovely idea for a pregnancy bucket list, super adorable photographs. Emma Xx

    • Jessica
      16th June 2016 at 8:09 pm Reply

      Thank you Emma 🙂 I still have lots to tick off my list but I’m getting there 🙂

  • Life & Love of Lolly (@LaurenAVarley)
    17th June 2016 at 10:46 am Reply

    I had a 4d scan with Joey but could only attend once I’d gone on maternity leave so i was way passed 32 weeks so you really couldn’t see much at all. I’d definitely have another one a lot sooner of we have another baby. Also with the breech thing, at one of my midwife appointments she couldn’t tell which way up Joey was so they sent me to get checked at hospital with a scan. All was fine though, his head was down. They did explain that if baby was breech that they would try and turn him manually with like their hands to get him in position or if they couldn’t turn him have a c section. But definitely check with your midwife x

    • Jessica
      25th June 2016 at 7:59 pm Reply

      I’ll definitely get them to be certain at my next appointment in 3 weeks as my midwife this week told me breech but wrote head down on my notes – so annoying! Yea those 4D scans are so much better earlier on 🙂

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