40 week Bumpdate – He’s still in there!

So I wasn’t sure if this post would be a ‘Welcome to the world Little Rabbit’ kind of post or another bumpdate and it looks like it’ll be another bumpdate – thank you cheeky Rabbit! Although there is still plenty of time for him to come during week 40, plus I usually do my bump dates at the end of the week but I thought I’d just get it done now.

We hit the due date on Saturday, Rabbit officially has no chance of being an early bird or on time. In fact I think it’s safe to say he’s gone past fashionably late now too! I don’t think that I thought he’d be early, I think I just hoped he would because I was so eager to meet him. I’d had so many signs for the past few weeks that in the end I just gave up on thinking they meant anything and getting overexcited.

Well on Friday I FINALLY got the cot up so absolutely everything is ready for the little man. I couldn’t find the instructions so Kiddicare had them couriered to me the next day! How fab is that for service! (I must seem like I suck up to them a bit but I really do love them haha

Saturday we had a BBQ at my parents so we made sure that the car seat was in the car and we had the hospital bags with us just in case Rabbit decided to be one of those 5% babies that are born on their due dates. We had loads of fun playing in the garden and I even had a go on the trampoline … wishful thinking!photo 5-29

It’s probably a good thing that Rabbit didn’t arrive on that day as we had Rhys over night who like a trouper slept 7-7 (thank you little dude!)

On the Sunday I felt awful, I had a migraine, bunged up nose and a really sore throat. I ended up in bed from 4pm until late monday morning and still woke up feeling like I’d been hit by a freight train. I know that flu like symptoms are a sign of labour but I also didn’t want Rabbit to come while I couldn’t breathe out of my nose and had zero energy! Plus it was the 13th and I kind of wanted to avoid Rabbit having a future Friday 13th Birthday (sad I know haha).

Pete ended up calling the labour ward in the evening as he got a bit concerned and they said to take some paracetamol and if the headache didn’t go within the hour to go on in. Luckily it did so they ruled out preeclampsia and said to just rest and keep an eye on Rabbits movements (which were wriggly the whole time).

Monday I had my midwife appointment, it was my 40 week but at 40+2. She asked if there was anything she could do – not sure what else there was apart from the obvious that I blurted out straight away – ‘Sweep please!’.  Thankfully she said yes and after the normal checks she’s got down to it.

Blood pressure – normal

Rabbit’s heart beat – happy and strong (her words)

His head is 2/5 engaged which she said is as much as he’ll go now.

I’m 1cm dilated …. could be more but oh well it’s a start.

The little pickle is still laying side on! Bum under my left boob and feet under my right! It’s safe to say he’s pretty comfy being awkward.


As for the sweep

I’d done a bit of googling, I knew what the procedure was, pretty much the midwife sweeping her fingers around the cervix to separate it from the sac and release prostaglandin hormones to *hopefully* kick start labour.

I’d also read a heap of reviews. Now I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been preparing for labour with my hypnotherapy or because I’ve not started labour yet, but I was more nervous about the sweep than actually giving birth! I know I shouldn’t read reviews especially as lots of mums quite frankly love to scare the heck out of new mumas to be; but the reviews were so mixed I couldn’t make my mind up how it would go.

So many mums said it was uncomfortable but there were also a lot who said they went straight into labour and it hurt like hell. So I made sure to take a spare pair of undies and a towel just in case … neither were necessary.

Here’s how it went. It was slightly uncomfortable, NO PAIN whatsoever though. She found the cervix straight away (apparently it can be hidden) although she wrote on my notes that it’s posterior when it needs to be anterior. My sister in law googled this for me and

It didn’t feel like she’d gone in too far when she said his head was ‘right there’  so his head must be pretty low!  At the excitement of someone touching his head he started to wiggle about and rub his head on her fingers haha kind of like a mini head massage. She had to wait for him to finish moving before she could carry on, he’s such a little pickle! I could just imagine him bobbing his little head side to side!

She then moved her fingers around, to be honest I can’t really describe it, I was more focused on how weird the situation was and just trying to talk to her and Pete. The whole thing took only a couple of minutes and honestly, I’d do it everyday if it meant having Rabbit out sooner and not having to be induced!

I asked how often I could have it done and she asked how many midwife friends I had, so I’m assuming it’s pretty much as often as you want! She said that the general rule is only to give one at 41 weeks but that she would give one as long as you’re past your  due date, then she’ll give another at 41 weeks.

I’ve been booked in for another one on Monday when I’ll be Term+9 days.  It’ll be a home visit but she couldn’t give me a time, hopefully he’ll already be here though! I’ll then be booked in for an induction, we couldn’t do it today as she didn’t know the procedure for Winchester hospital but hopefully it’ll be booked on Monday – again, if he hasn’t already arrived!

I think I expected to leave the appointment and have my show straight away or my waters break on the way home but I’ve had nothing so far except for some stronger Braxton Hicks. Back bouncing on the ball, vindaloo for dinner and raspberry leaf tea for me and Rabbit!

I’m going for a walk with my sister in law, nice and nephew today so hopefully that’ll kickstart something!
photo 2-75

Come on Rabbit, we’re all waiting for you!

Thanks for reading 🙂 xxx

Thanks for reading! xx


  • Victoria
    15th April 2014 at 10:09 am Reply

    You know even reading about sweep makes me think that you have exciting times to come

    • Jessica
      15th April 2014 at 3:29 pm Reply

      It’s like taking one step closer, just a very slow step as nothings happened lol Fingers crossed things kickstart soon! And not long for you to go either! xxx

  • aliceyoung8
    15th April 2014 at 8:00 pm Reply

    Come on rabbit! Your so ready for him now and I absolutely love the family pic at the end! I think he will come on Friday!! 🙂 Very excited for you xx

    • Jessica
      21st April 2014 at 12:39 pm Reply

      ekk I think my mum got the day right, she guessed Wednesday. Posts to come! xxx

  • Colette
    16th April 2014 at 5:50 pm Reply

    Good luck.

    • Jessica
      21st April 2014 at 12:39 pm Reply

      thank you lovely!

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