Well here I am at 39 weeks pregnant. I honestly didn’t think I’d still be pregnant at this point. It’s not wishful thinking at all, you all know how much I love brewing this bump and how I’m hoping little man will stay in for a little longer so that we can get things done and my mum is well enough to see him; it’s just that I’m feeling so SO pregnant. I’m a lot bigger this time around than with Jasper, I’m more uncomfortable and so many people have said to me they think I’ll be early that I guess I just convinced myself I would be. Of course I still could be, I have a week until my due date but I just didn’t think I’d make it to 39 weeks pregnant.

This week I had my baby sprinkle and oh my was it wonderful! Unfortunately Muma didn’t get out of hospital in time, she stayed in until the day after but even now that she’s out she’s on a ‘no visitor’ policy for a week so I haven’t seen her in what feels like forever! I was gutted that she missed out for my sake and hers but it was a lovely day and I captured lots of vlog footage and pictures for her to see. My sister made a huge effort to make it all perfect and it really was such a wonderful day spent with some of my nearest and dearest.

We still have a huge to-do list; the decorator was a no show so Pete’s been trying to decorate around his busy working schedule and I’ve been trying to schedule in a load of blog posts and vlogs so that as soon as baby boy arrives I can switch off and relax knowing you guys will still be getting regular content. We’re also still waiting on a few things like the cot, pushchair and some smaller bits and bobs for me but they’re not essentials and if baby boy came now we would be just fine! Muma should be fine for visitors as of next week too so it makes me feel more at ease that I just need to hold him in for another couple of days or so!

I’ve been thinking a lot about labour this week and honestly I’m shitting myself! Knowing what it was like, despite a really good labour last time, has really scared me! I’m convinced that I’m due a bad labour as my last one was pretty smooth going and as I neither ripped nor crapped myself – I’ve got it in my head that at least one of those things is coming my way!

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Symptoms wise:

Last week I mentioned that my SPD had pretty much gone but little did I know it was just working it’s way down to a different and more uncomfortable place! I’ve found the past week or so my tendons right between my legs, I guess my upper inner thighs, have felt like they’re going to snap! It happens randomly when walking or standing and is so much more painful than the previous SPD pains I was getting! I also feel like the skin and muscles at the from of my *downstairs* are ripping; not the inside, but the front, as if I’ve had a really painful wax or something and again it’s so much worse than before. I looked it up online thinking it was maybe signs of labour that I just hadn’t experienced with Jasper but alas it’s simply another set of symptoms of SPD where baby boy is so much lower down now.

I feel really uncomfortable, with lots of pressure and tightenings. Bending down is so difficult now as is carrying Jasper so bending down whilst carrying Jasper is an absolute no-go! My bump is also getting in the way so much when I’m washing up and cooking and I have to remind myself that he’s there if I’m leaning against the work surface to reach something.

I’m still getting the ‘seeing stars’ moments which is just a gentle reminder to sit down and relax for a while.

Baby boy:

His movements have been so painful this week. Sometimes it feels like his little feet are going between my ribs and my skin and it really takes my breath away!

According to my app he’s an average of 19.96 inches in length and 7.25 lbs which is such a ‘proper baby’ size, Jasper was 7 lbs 10 at birth so I can really imagine how big this little man is now!

His little body is continuing to build up the fat under his skin, his digestive is now system capable of digesting liquid food and he is peeing at regular intervals.

His skin is a pinkish red colour and his lanugo is almost gone; anything left will fall out soon after birth!

Another thing that makes me chuckle is that his testes will have dropped into his scrotum now!


Well who knows if next week will be a 40 week update or an introduction to our baby boy!

Thanks for reading!
Jess x


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