38 week bumpdate and hospital trip

So far my 38th week has been quite eventful! I turned 38 weeks pregnant on Saturday and like I say every week, I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown by! 

We went for our tour of the Winchester maternity unit, you can read my post about it here. It made me feel even more relaxed about the birth and so very excited to meet little Rabbit!

On Monday I was suppose to have my 38 week midwife appointment at 3 but I ended up going to the Day Assessment Unit at 2 instead. We’d been at my brothers on Sunday for Mothers Day and I noticed that Rabbit was a little quieter than usual. I thought it was just a shy day but by 11am on Monday I realised that I really hadn’t felt him move as much as usual and it just wasn’t his normal behaviour.

The midwife has always told me that if you’re not sure, it’s always best to go on down and be seen at the hospital, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

I’d tried laying in different positions, having a cold drink, eating and then uncontrollably crying and after a bit of begging, Rabbit decided to remain stubborn and wouldn’t budge!

I called the DAU and they told me to come on down. They didn’t sound concerned, in fact they made me feel calmer (trait of a great midwife) and of course whilst on the phone Rabbit gave me a little kick. I considered not going as I felt a bit silly but I still knew that his movements weren’t normal so I went on down.

Pete met me in the waiting room and then the midwife checked my urine sample and blood pressure – both of which were fine. She then hooked me up to a machine to monitor both Rabbit’s heart rate and my stomach contracting. It was quite cool to see the number rise as my tummy tightened!

Rabbit was really still. His heart rate was fine but his movements weren’t. Oh they’d given me a little button to press every time he moved and I was a little concerned at the lack of presses. He did have a little wriggle around where his heart rate sky rocketed and I had to press the button a handful of times but then he calmed right down again.

One of the midwifes brought me a cup of water to help him wake up which made him give me one little jab – probably telling me to leave him alone, and then he went back to playing musical statues.
Despite the circumstances I did feel really calm. Pete was with me and as I’d felt Rabbit move at least a little bit I guess I knew deep down that it was going to be ok.

After a while I had another burst of movements and the midwifes were satisfied that Rabbit’s lack of movement was probably down to him moving positions. Yes that right, Rabbit is no longer back to back, he’s kind of more side on which is moving in the right direction! Well done little man!

I then got to have another scan as the midwife was a little concerned that my bump was still 35cm’s which it was at my 36 week midwife appointment. She said it could have been down to midwife discrepancy but because of my history with low PAPP-A she just wanted to check.

Everything was absolutely fine, we got to see our gorgeous boy holding his hands together, poking his tongue out and just looking like a little dude! Here are his stats:

Head circumference – 336.2mm

Abdominal circumference – 322.3mm

Femur length – 71.1mm

Estimated weight – 6 lbs 9 ozs

He’d grown perfectly since my last scan at 34 weeks and if he’s born on time will hopefully be a nice and easy weight to deliver!

Since our little panic Rabbit’s been moving fine. I feel reassured that it was down to his limbs not being all out in front anymore and therefore it being harder for me to feel the little movements of his fingers and toes as easily as I used to. I’ve also been told that babies do slow down a little as they’re getting closer to labour as they need to save their energy.

Onto muma

photo 3-43Stretch marks – I now have some little purple marks in-between the two holes of my belly piercing. If these are the only marks that I have than I am more than happy with that!

Palpitations – I’ve been getting palpitations and shortness of breath a lot this week. It worried me a tad as I thought those symptoms stopped closer to the due date as the baby dropped away from your lungs but the midwife said it’s probably due to my iron tablets (that I’ve not been taking as religiously as I should have been).

Period pain – I’ve still been having these cramping pains which I thought were a sign of labour … guess not! They’re not too uncomfortable so I’ve just been relaxing and waiting for them to pass.

Braxton Hicks – Honestly I found it tricky to know the difference between a Braxton Hick and Rabbit stretching out but being hooked up to the machine helped me to realised that I’m getting the Hicks a lot more often than I thought!

Backache – My back’s been really achy in the evenings, I guess when I start to wind down after the day so, and also in the mornings as I must have a lot of pressure on it while I sleep.

Baths are really helping and so is my microwavable hottie and body pillow.

PGP – These pains have luckily decreased a lot – woohoo! They’ve not stopped completely but they’ve given me a nice little break. It’s the symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) that’s really getting to me now. It’s a pain in the pubic bone, again where the ligaments have stretched but it makes me feel like a 90 year old when trying to roll over in bed!

Energy levels

On a bit of a low. I’ve been feeling really tired this week especially since our little hospital trip on Monday. I’ve been trying to get everything sorted for Rhys’s room, plus it’s his birthday today (Happy Birthday little dude) so I’m getting everything ready for his cake smash etc.  I guess I’ve been tired because my body is trying to save it all up for labour so I’m just going with it and spending my days  at home … today I’m still in my pi’s and watching Frozen!

photo 1-61

Thanks for ready our 38 week bumpdate!


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