I’ve been on my minimalism journey for just over 6 months now and I’m so impressed with not only how much it’s changed my life but also the fact that I’ve actually stuck with a lifestyle change for this long! I’m normally a bit of a quitter, I start the gym and after a few weeks give up, I start to learn a language and you’ve guessed it – after a little while my interest dwindles and I’m onto the next thing and the fact that my passion for minimalism is still going strong fills me with all kinds of confidence that this is a lifestyle change that’s here to stay!

Quite often I get comments on my minimalism videos from people saying that they’d love to do it but they either don’t know where to start, don’t have the time or simply find it too much of a daunting task. Well my answer to that is that yes it is daunting, but no it’s not actually a task. Regardless of whether you’re planning to minimise down to a capsule wardrobe and live out of a backpack or simply declutter your homes; it really is such a big thing and that’s why I like to see it as a lifestyle change rather than a single task at hand. It’s not something that can be done once and never again (and I will get into this in a separate post as I feel a ramble coming on) but there are methods that you can use to either get started with minimising your home or keep it up and I’m going to share with you my top three!

1 – Room by room

Now this is the way that I did it and I really feel like it made it so much more manageable than if I were to have tried to minimise my whole home in one go. I started with the kitchen and wouldn’t start another room until I’d completely minimised the first and although it took a while to do, the impact was incredible. Walking into a room that had been freed of anything that I didn’t love, want or need gave me such a feeling of zen and being in the rooms that hadn’t yet been minimised simply made me more excited to get them done. I did worry that I’d want to avoid the rooms that weren’t yet complete but I didn’t feel that way at all, they just motivated me.

I’d say that I worked on maybe one room per week, sometimes going two weeks before starting a new one and it meant that it didn’t effect our family life in anyway but good. There was no crazy muma running around the house with bin bags telling the kids that no one could leave the house until their toy storage was something out of a pinterest board; we lived our lives as normal and when I got a chance, maybe a nap time or a nursery day, I’d put my all into one room of the house and then tick it off the list.

You’ll notice that this is a different way to the Marie Kondo method which recommends working category by category but I found this way much easier ( this I explain more in the video below).

2 – 5 places, 5 things

Okay I’m pretty pleased with myself because I made this one up; although it’s nothing groundbreaking and is probably already widely used haha. The 5 places, 5 things method as I like to call it is exactly what it says on the tin, pick 5 places in your home to minimise and in each of those places find 5 things to get rid of! For example, I would choose my kitchen, make up drawer, bathroom cabinet, wardrobe and the boys toy storage. This is a fab method if you have a short period of time to do it and you’d like an overall effect from minimising rather than in just one area of your home. 5 things may not seem like a lot and in my opinion is pretty easy to do if you’re already starting with a large collection of make up for example but once you’re done you’ll have 25 items and that could equate to a whole bin bag full. You could then repeat this once a week or once a month with the same 5 places until you’ve minimised those spaces to your liking or your could switch it up and choose 5 different places and work on each area slowly.

3 – Minimalism sweep

This is another term that my inventive little mind coined and it always makes me chuckle. It sounds like some kind of birth inducing act or 90’s Ibiza tune but it’s simply sweeping across your home and minimising. I love this method as it doesn’t take long but it can make a really big impact and is actually quite the workout! I pop on some music, grab a bin bag and set myself an hour or two to cover the whole house. Now we’re talking quick decisions, not going through every item to see if they bring you joy but opening a draw and pulling out anything that gives you a negative feeling. For example in your wardrobe, that top has a hole in it, those trousers look awful and that blouse doesn’t sit right – gone! Of course give them some thought, give yourself a valid reason but don’t allow yourself time to talk yourself out of the decision and counter your decisions with reasons why you might wear that blouse one day – you won’t!


Well there you have it, three ways to minimise your home, some great are for beginners and others for a quick top up and each will leave you feeling lighter and more relaxed in your home! Please do check out my video below where I go into each method in a bit more detail and of course if you haven’t already I’d love for you to subscribe to my channel as I’ve shared most of my minimalism journey over there!


Thanks for reading,

Jess x


  • Louise
    26th July 2017 at 1:52 pm Reply

    A great blog post! Definitely going to give this a go before baby arrives in December!

  • Louise
    28th July 2017 at 7:41 pm Reply

    Great tips Jess! Now it’s the summer holidays, I am definitely going to start the ‘room by room’ technique to have a go at minimalism.
    I would love for you to come and take a look at my blog that I have started 🙂 After reading your blogging tips post a few weeks ago, I decided to just go for it 🙂

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