24 weeks pregnant

At 24 weeks pregnant I’m having such a symptom free week I keep forgetting theres a little baby boy brewing in there – that’s until he gives me a little kick or Jasper tries to use my belly as a bouncy castle of course!

So on Monday I had a midwife appointment, a little early due to my emotional blip at 16 weeks; I’m sure my next one was supposed to be at 26 or 28 weeks so it was only a little bit earlier.

She only did a few checks, my urine which was normal, heart rate which was low but apparently normal for me (not sure what that means) and babies heartbeat which was strong and beautiful. My mum and Jasper came with me so it was really nice for someone other than myself and Pete to hear it.

Baby boy:

So at 24 weeks pregnant I am 16 weeks away from my due date – wows! Half way didn’t seem that long ago but this just seems like such a difference now! Little man is still the size of an eggplant, he has been for 3 weeks so I’m excited to move on from that. 11.81 in 1.32lbs

His hair is starting to turn to the colour it’ll be at birth and his growth is still increasing at a rapid rate over the next few months.


My SPD has eased off a lot, I think due to a combination of me using my pregnancy pillow, starting yoga and being a bit more careful with how I manoeuvre in and out of the car and bed.

I had another fab session at yoga bellies this week, it went really well and again helped me to reconnect with baby and take that time to relax and unwind. I’d had a tiring day with Jasper so I went really needing that ‘me time’. I think I over did it a little bit on some of the moves; ones that I was warned to be careful with due to my SPD but they felt comfortable at the time, I just left feeling a little sore. I think next time I take it a bit easier!

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