20 weeks pregnant

At 20 weeks pregnant I can’t believe just how fast this pregnancy is going! I’m half way, well technically over half way now as I’m 20+3 … unless baby boy is very late, in which case I may not even be half way yet!

It’s so crazy to say baby boy now; I keep saying ‘baby’, ‘it’, ‘he or she’ and then realising that I know my little bambino is a boy and that I can officially just say ‘he’.

Well our scan went wonderfully , we actually had it at 19+6 and we couldn’t have asked for a more photogenic little man! Not only was he waving, kicking about, poking his tongue out and sucking his thumb but he let us know straight away what gender we were expecting!DSC00639 DSC00641 DSC00645

Pete didn’t notice straight away, god knows how but I knew pretty much instantly that baby Avey was team blue! He was kicking his legs about so much we got a full view and there was no denying it at all!

So it’s official, I am a fully fledged member of the boy mum crew and I am completely outnumbered by boys and couldn’t be happier!

I go into detail about the scan in my 20 week video so I’ll pop that below for you to see but everything was absolutely fine, I just need to go back within the next two weeks for another scan because little man wouldn’t move from his back and the sonographer couldn’t get a good view of his spine to do her routine checks. She assured me she had no concerns but as policy she needed to check everything off. We did go for a walk and for some food to see if we could get him to change positions but he was being stubborn – the little cheek!

I don’t mind at all though as it means I get to see my little boy again really soon, maybe for the last time before he arrives- eek!

Little man:

Head circumference – 171.6mm

Abdominal circumference – 141.3mm

Femur length – 32.5mm

At 20 weeks baby is the size of a mango, although another app told me a small banana which I guess are about the same length. He’s an average of 10.58 oz and a length of 10.08 inches. Excitingly form 20 weeks you now measure the baby from crown to toe instead of crown to rump, so in case you think your baby has sprouted 4 inches in a week, it’s simply a new type of measurement.


This week I’m suffering quite badly with SPD, I think I’ll do a separate blog post about this as it’s something I can’t find much info on and I know it affects so many women. I also feel like I’ve cracked a rib but I’m sure this is just down to my coughing fits I’ve been having, it’s probably just a bruised muscle but it means I have to do about a 10 point turn to get out of bed every morning!

I’m feeling so many kicks it’s crazy!!! I can really see his little movements when I’m lying still in bed but I still think they’re too small for someone else to see, unless I can pinpoint a place for them to look straight away. Pete’s yet to feel him move, whenever he kicks strongly enough for me to feel on the outside Pete’s not in the room and it’s so frustrating when he runs upstairs to feel and little man plays musical statues!


Well so far I’m feeling good and keeping positive!

Thanks for reading,

Jess x


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