Well I’m officially as useless at updating you all on Jenson as I was on my pregnancy. Jenson is now 3 months old, either 13 or 14 weeks *checks phone* okay he’s 14 weeks tomorrow and oh my has this time flown. Jenson is quite frankly a dream. I mean, Jasper was too, but in a new mum *I don’t realise how much sleep I’m missing yet* kind of way. I’m sure it’s a second child thing but he’s just settled into our family so perfectly. Not that he has a choice; any thoughts of ‘who are these loud people and why does the littlest one keep putting his fingers in mouth?’ are kind of useless as you’re stuck with us Jenson … sorry kid!

So at 3 months of age, Jenson is hitting far too many milestones for my liking. I want him to slow down as I’m desperate to cling onto this tiny stage but he’s determined to catch up with his brothers. At 11 weeks and 5 days he had his first set of jabs (a little late). He handled them like a champ only crying for a few moments and after a dose of Calpol he was great for the first few hours. After the second dose though he was inconsolable. Nothing would calm his tiny body and even my boob which he usually loves just made him gag in horror (so dramatic) and with one last attempt to soothe him I gave him a dummy. Well what can I say; he loved it. Not only that but it was the beginning of a wonderful sleep journey for us. That first night he went through from 6:30pm-5:30am being woken once for a dream feed at 11pm. I was pretty shocked as he was usually feeding every 1-3 hours so as lovely as it was seeing him sleep so peacefully I had to wake him for that feed for peace of mind.

The following night he went right through from 9pm-7am and has pretty much consistently done that ever since with only the odd ‘put my dummy back in or I’ll scream’ moments. The past couple of nights I’ve fed him around 4/5am ish and he’s gone back off till about 7:30-8ish. I’m thinking this may be due to a growth spurt or maybe his poorly tummy or teething … yea let’s talk about that!

Jenson has been teething for a few weeks now. There are no visual signs of teeth and I can’t feel any but he is so dribbly and really chews on his fists. It makes him really upset and quite frankly I hate it. Jasper never really suffered with his and neither did Rhys so I’m finding it all a bit upsetting. I’m using amber beads and teething powder plus Calpol when he gets really sad and that does help.

Tummy wise; Jenson has always had really smelly blow offs (sorry 18 year old Jenson if you’re reading this). His poop smells sweet like biscuits but when he trumps oh my goodness; they’re loud and smelly and quite frankly embarrassing if we’re out in public because they smell like an adults haha. I think it may be because I don’t wind him very often; he rarely needs it but now I make a conscious effort to wind him after every feed. He’s been in pain or at least discomfort with it this week; with lots of back arching and crying out so I’ve been doing lots of baby massage and yoga to help. He was also constipated up until a couple of days ago; I think he went a good week without pooping but he certainly made up for it!

A major milestone of Jenson this week which I can’t quite believe is that he started rolling over! He was 13 weeks and 4 days which I’m pretty sure is super early and it scares me a bit as it’ll only be a matter of time before he’s on the move! He’d been trying for a couple of weeks; arching his back and looking over his shoulder when laying down and while I was changing his nappy at a friends house he just flipped right over. He then did it again at my mums house and now pretty much every time I lay him down! His arms get a little stuck underneath him so he needs a bit of help pulling them out and after a few seconds he hates it and cries which leaves me asking why he keeps doing it in the first place but he’s determined!

Okay so milestones aside; here are some normal parenting type things we love to document.


As mentioned he’s going through the night without feeds. His last one is usually around 7pm and then his first anytime from 7-8am. During the day he doesn’t have much of a sleep routine; sometimes he’ll have a good 2 hour morning and afternoon nap and others he’ll power nap for 10 minutes here and there. I don’t mind though as long as his nights continue to be good!


He’s still exclusively breastfed; occasionally having expressed milk from a bottle if I pop out. Since introducing a dummy I’ve found my boobs haven’t been filling up and I haven’t been experiencing the let down sensation as much which made me worry that my supply was going down but my friend told me that it’s normal and as long as he’s putting on weight and is happy; not to worry! I thought maybe him using the dummy was stopping his body from sending signals to my body that he needed milk but he still feeds so I don’t know.

He feeds randomly throughout the day; some days it’s every 3-4 hours and others he cluster feeds seeming like he’s permanently attached to my boob. At night he has only woken the last couple of day for a feed in the early hours but on the whole he seems to fill up enough at his evening feed to keep him going till morning.


I last weighed him on Thursday and he was 14lbs 2oz. This means that he’s dropped from the 75th to the 50th centile. I’m not sure if this is something I should be worried about; with my boobs not feeling full anymore and him being a bit poorly I guess I am worried a bit but he is a big boy and definitely not underweight. I think where he was so big at birth and put weight on so rapidly in the beginning I expected him to be like 16lbs by now so I was a bit surprised but I’ll just wait and see how he gets on this week.


Most people say that he looks like me more than Pete and everyone says he looks like a real life bear. I think it’s his dark round eyes; they really do make him look like a teddy bear and I guess his hairy ears add to that! His hair is starting to get a bit lighter but that may be the cradle cap that’s reared its ugly head!

He still has quite long arms and legs but  they’re starting to get chubby now with little rolls on his thighs – so scrummy! He also has long fingers and feet; the polar opposite to his chubby toed big brother!


He’s cheeky and so so happy. He’s a really content baby, always smiling (when he’s not in pain) and he’s recently taken to cooing, blowing raspberries, poking his tongue out and giggling – be still my beating heart!


Well I can’t think of any other updates; but I often share them on my Instagram and Vlogs when they happen so do make sure you’re following me over there for more instant updates!

I’ll leave you with some pictures from the past month or so; I can’t get over how much he’s changing!

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Thanks for reading,

Jess x





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