18 Weeks Pregnant and a big fat THANK YOU!

A few of you may have seen my 18 week pregnancy update that went live last week; if you haven’t, I’ll pop a link here. For those of you that did see it, I just want to say a huge thank you for your support. The comments, private messages and words of encouragement really filled my heart.

I won’t go into it here as I’ve already spilled my guts on the world of Youtube, but I’ve been having a really hard time lately. One of those times where everything seems to get on top of you; it all happens one after the other, sometimes all at once and it all just got too much. Things haven’t changed, some areas are getting better but others are just things we have to deal with and know it’ll be a long process before life resumes. What I do know is me and the baby are healthy, and I have the most amazing support system that I didn’t even realise existed. Of course immediate friends and family have been wonderful but oh my, the support of people I thought I just ‘knew’ through the internet has been amazing and people I would have referred to as ‘bloggy friends’ I now simply call friends.

Pregnancy is a tough time anyway, what with all the hormones and symptoms, but teamed with the, lets be frank -shit, that life throws at you, it can really be a lonely time too and it’s given me such a boost to reconfirm I’m not alone and in fact I’m snuggled up by so many hugs I could burst.

This is a short and sweet one, just to show my appreciation and if you’re new to my blog, please do head on over to my Youtube channel for more frequent pregnancy updates. I’ll be posting trimester summaries on the blog and as close to weekly updates on my channel as let’s face it – I’m totally unorganised!


Thanks for reading, welcome if you’re new here and an extra special thank you if you’re one of the wonderful people to send me some words of encouragement x

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