Unilever recently launched their Project Sunlight Campaign with an initiative to inspire the world to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

Project Sunlight is a pro-life campaign aimed at making sustainable living not only something to aspire to but something to be achieved. By looking at how we can all live within the natural limits of the planet and how the next generation can live longer and healthier lives, the short film encourages expectant parents to bring their children into the world with hope of better lives than of previous generations.

It’s a very touching piece, that begins with us watching a group of expectant parents reactions to a film on the distress of the world, riots, poverty and all. It hits hard with initial doubts as to why we should even bring a child into a world with such hurt and hatred. But then suddenly, as if an epiphany has struck, all fears and doubts are blown away with a fantastic flip-side pro-life message and demonstration of how new technology and innovations will mean our children will have a much healthier world to live in. What really hit my heart strings was the part where it said the next generations will have more of a chance to meet their great grandparents than we ever did. sob.

A fantastic message received, and a lot of tearful tissues used from this hormonal mummy! Great job Unilever!

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