Taking the step to blog and vlog was literally the best move of my life. I’m one of those corny people who could honestly shout from the rooftops that they love their job and as unbelievable as that may seem, because who loves their job right? I seriously do. Of course blogging and vlogging didn’t start as jobs, they started as hobbies but as you may know they’re now not only my biggest passions but also what make my career and I couldn’t love what I do any more.

Yes there are cons of which I’ll share in a separate post but for now, a bit of positivity and all that, I’m going to share my ten pros of blogging and vlogging!


1 – Outlet – Writing a blog or creating vlogs are amazing creative outlets and a great way to vent. I get so many of my thoughts and ideas out through my blog and channel and they’ve literally helped me to work through my own frustrations and troubles. I share my highs and lows as well as tips and ideas and I honestly don’t think I could find another way to put that all out into the universe. Whether you’re sharing fun parenting hacks or the breakdown of your marriage, it’s your outlet to use as you wish and I think that’s an incredible gift. I find that writing things down or sharing them in a vlog not only makes me feel better but it prompt me to fulfil my aims and that’s a real privilege.

2 – Sense of community – Sharing my highs and lows although being therapy enough, wouldn’t have the desired effect if it weren’t for the incredible community that comes with having a blog and Youtube channel. I honestly have the biggest support system in the form of people I may never even meet in person and I’m so grateful for every single person whether they be fellow bloggers offering me brand advice or readers answering my potty training dilemmas. There’s a lot to be said for the power of social media and for those feeling isolated and lonely having a blog or Youtube channel is a great way to access a host of wonderful, inspiring and caring individuals. I share everything on my space of the internet from my feelings of failure as a parent to my grief for my sister in law; I spoke openly about mine and my husbands issues and my fears during my Mums cancer treatment and the support that I got back was life changing. As individuals we’re caring by nature and the people that reached out to me when I needed it really made such a difference to my life and way of thinking. I honestly think I’m the positive person that I am today thanks to the community that have supported me.

3 – Life long friends – As much as I consider each and every lovely reader/viewer/follower/subscriber to be a friend (not the troll kind though),  we all need true friends that we can have that special connection with. Through blogging and vlogging I’ve made some lifelong friends that I hand on heart couldn’t do without. I go to these girls for everything, work frustrations, marital advice and parenting encouragement and I hope that they can do the same for me. The best thing about friends in this field is that they ‘get it’ when it comes to you filming your playdates, constantly being on your phone and subsequently being a bit crap at replying on your phone too. So many bloggers have found friends for life in other bloggers and I think that is just incredible.

4 – You can help – I never go to bed more content then on a day that I’ve received a message of thanks from someone who has read a blog of mine and found it helpful. The kind of messages that tell me I’ve helped other mums to feel normal or not alone make me so happy that I can make that small difference whether it’s simply encouraging a mum to get out there and start a blog or giving them the confidence to join a new baby group or get started with potty training. I find heaps of useful content online all of the time and it’s so easy to take and run, never letting the content owner know just what they’ve done for you so the fact that mumas take the time out of their day to let me know the small difference I’ve made is just so wonderful and I really appreciate it.

5  – Brand work  – Never did I imagine ever working with brands that I already loved and were already big names in our house. I’ll never work with a brand that I don’t believe in and to be asked to work with brands that as a family we truly trust is really great. I’m currently an ambassador for Pampers who we have solely used since Rhys was tiny and I love being able to work with them on campaigns and product launches. Another brand we work closely with is Aveeno who we have loved ever since it solved Jasper’s skin woes and I honestly felt a bit fan-girl-y meeting the team because they actually changed our lives.

6 – Pushes you to go to new places and try new things – It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, going to the same places and doing the same things day in and day out. Having the need for new blog and vlog content really pushes you to go out and explore, finding new places to visit and new things to do. It would be boring to post weekly about the same park you go to and you’d probably run out of good angles to take pictures so finding a new attraction will give your blog and Youtube channel a bit of variety – winner winner.

7 – Flexibility – Whether or not you choose to pursue blogging and vlogging as a career the flexibility is a huge pro. Having a hobby that you can work on whenever you want, with no pre-paid time constraints makes you feel so much more relaxed about it. I feel a lot more passionate about my blog and Youtube channel because I want to do it rather than that Saturday morning tennis club I’ve pre paid £10 to go to and would feel guilty missing. Having it as my career is wonderful as I can work it around Jasper’s preschool and Jenson’s nap times and I have the ability to check emails and create content whilst on play dates and holidays!

8 – Document your life – A huge pro for me is that all of this content I’m making is documenting our family life; whether I’m posting about our days out, the boys milestones or my current favourite dresses, it’s all documentation of our current time of life and to know that I have all of these memories to look back on makes it all so worth it!

9 – Awesome events – Something that I love about this field of work is the awesome events you get to go to; the invites didn’t start coming in for me for a good few months but now I have a steady stream of events to go to and they are so fun. The majority are in London which can be a pain if they’re an early start but this week for example I went and did baby yoga and tried scrummy savoury oat food with Aveeno and it was wonderful! I try to limit myself to one a week unless they are too good to miss as I need to take into account that they take up a whole working day and I may need to arrange childcare/pay for travel etc; but they’re such a fun way to connect with brands and other bloggers as well as try out new fun activities and food – plus there’s almost always prosecco!

10 – Make money – Last but not least, and only a plus if you’re looking to go down the career side of blogging and vlogging (although, getting paid for your hobby is pretty awesome and what I did between the ‘just hobby’ and ‘career’ parts) you can make money. There are loads of ways to make money and I’ll be sharing a post on all of those soon but it is more than doable to make anything from a bit of pocket money to millions *ahem Zoella* or for the middle ground, a steady income.


Well those are my top ten pros to blogging and vlogging; I’m sure I could think of more as I honestly LOVE what I do but I’m hoping that those are enough to sway you if you’re thinking of stating your own blog or Youtube channel!

Thanks for reading!

Jess x



  • Sarah
    8th May 2017 at 8:41 pm Reply

    Do you ever wonder about over sharing? And if so how do you reconcile with yourself to keep doing it? This isn’t a judgey comment, I’m genuinely asking for advice. I started a blog about a year ago and as soon as people starting noticing me I started to feel guilty for putting my kids all over the web and then got scared and stopped writing completely. Reading your latest blogs has really made me want to get back into it but I’m scared it’s just a selfish pursuit of mine at the cost of the kids. Really hopeful for some words of wisdom:) love your posts x

    • Jessica
      10th May 2017 at 9:49 pm Reply

      I do have moments like that yes, I wonder if my posts share too much especially as everything can be found online and I worry he may grow up and his friends may read things about his potty training etc but I’ll deal with it when it comes. I love that I’m capturing memories for now and if the time comes and he doesn’t want to be a part of it I’ll stop including him and if he wants the blogs about him taken down I’ll do that too and set our videos to private. For now I’m just going with it, keeping safe re where we live and not sharing too much but enough to be honest 🙂 I love that I help others with my posts and that it’s turned into my living and that outweighs any worries right now 🙂

  • Sarah
    8th May 2017 at 9:59 pm Reply

    Did you delete my comment?

    • Jessica
      10th May 2017 at 10:16 pm Reply

      No I just hadn’t approved my comments yet 🙂

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